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Great game, Good game, OK game, Tedious game, Boring game.

The good:

Typical FPS game play, so it's not like you are being dropped into a world that you have no idea how to navigate through. As soon as you start playing, you already know how to play the game so long as you've played an FPS game prior. WASD controls, mouse/joystick options, assigned key functions, ect, ect..

You have never played a game that had more bad guys than this. It almost breaches the point of absurdity. Sometimes, there are upwards of 1000 enemies in a single level. If you are a trigger happy FPS player, this is definitely a "must play" for you.

The game consists of your usual level progression with each level introducing a new tool you can reap havoc towards an even larger multitude of different and newer bad guys. Chainguns, missile guns, grenade launchers, and the largest weapon to ever be yielded by a single man towards the end of the game. Oh my!

Throughout the game there are secret levels, hidden comical easter eggs, an abundance of cheats if you are so inclined to use them, and more than anything the security and comfort of the ginormous weaponry sticking out in front of you in a first or third person view.

The graphics for this game are not so much life like and realistic looking for it's time, but the detail and attention to real life settings is unbelievable when compared to any game that has been released to date as of Q4 2007.

Yeah sure, none of the characters actually look life-like as the newer games are starting to mimic quite nicely, but the surrounding detail is literally almost exact. Level settings such as ancient Egypt have cities and provinces named according to real life history. Not only that, but statues within these game cities literally visually match the statues recovered in the real life ancient ruins. Herogliphics, statues, broken rocks on monuments, and building placements are literally identical to the ruins of the real life cities that the game level was modeled after.

I can say this because I've seen on the Discovery channel an anthropological dig in Egypt, and I immediately recognized most of the wall paintings and statue modeling from within the details of Serious Sam's level named Luxor...a real life city in ancient times.

Easter Eggs, Cheats and Mods
There are several easter eggs in each level. They are more often than not harder to find than you'd usually expect. Once you find them, they are usually comical.
There are quite a few cheats that allow you to become invincible, invisible, ghost-like, able to fly, able to carry 2x as much ammo, able to get all weapons early on...ect, ect.
The game is getting older by the day, so any mods you find are probably quite dated and no longer have any type of designer support.

The game's audio is just as good as you'd expect. You have level adjustments such as music, sound effects, voices, and master volume. The monsters all sound exactly like you would expect. In the action-packed fantasy world that the game takes place in, they all sound very real...very repetitive, but very real.

The bad:

Aside from what you'd expect with an FPS game, there are things that you'd expect with an out-dated FPS game. Poorly mapped and poorly disguised action triggers. Traps and whatnot are clearly identified and obvious as to what is going to happen once you trigger them. You need a power-up and there just happens to be one in the center of a huge empty room....riiight...get ready to shoot...a lot. There are really no surprises in the game. The game mechanics set up the pins(so to speak), and you can obviously see it happening.

The plot is so simplistic and see-through, I can't even recall what it's about. Something to do with aliens needing to be killed because they stole some artifact from ancient Egypt that will alter the future of mankind and you need to get the artifact back. Either way, it gives just enough reason for you to shoot 27,000 bad guys in the face over the course of 48 hours.

"Wait, what? We need to have a plot for this game? OK, um, um, Aliens!. The aliens are stealing an important Earth artifact and Serious Sam Stone is sent back in time to eliminate the evil forces!"
"Good work, Bob. Print it and sell it".

It's pretty much dead. In fact, I had such a bad experience with it in comparison to the best online games ever(Halo PC, CS:S), I've never even bothered to fully figure out and experience the entire platter. It sucked from the beginning and that was enough for me to quit right off.

Lasting Value
After the death of 13,000 enemies, this game gets a bit repetitious. There are only so many different enemies, and they all act the same exact way as the others just like them. 15 different bad guys throughout 12 levels all acting exactly the same as their identical replicas. They even die the same. They make the same noise even.
In fact, I'm going to level with you and tell you it's pretty much the exact same thing from level one up until the final boss. Point, shoot, kill, reload. The only thing that changes is the surrounding detail in the levels.

The game has no lasting value. After every restart, the enemies behave exactly as they did before with absolutely zero altering enemy AI. If you memorize your first run through, you can go through predicting every enemy movement...nothing changes in that regard unless you select a harder difficulty. In that case, there are just more enemies that do the same thing over and over. They are not harder to kill, there's just more of them.


Overall, the game ties into the series between the PC and the PS2 very nicely. Yes it is the very definition of repetition, but you will never have as much fun doing the same thing over and over as you will with this game. That is mostly impart due to the extreme amount of bad guys you are expected to kill at any given time along with the challenge of not ever having enough ammo to do it, and having to rely on your freaking knife more than you'd like to.

I would recommend this game to traditionalists that enjoy the basic ideology behind FPS games. If redundancy bores or even downright bother...


Serious Sam

The good:

Funny and fun.

The bad:

Mindless killing.


It may be old, but it's got some good graphics and fun into the mix. With classic guns to futuristic, to a giant Pirate Cannon, you got a deal of weapons to fight. And who doesn't love a thousand foot boss to fight in the end? Its fun to watch, and funny to listen as you kill for really no reason at all. Its a borrow in my opinion, as it can be really short if you play. You can beat it in the day you get it, but I suggest buying it just to play with your friends(if they play it that is), or go online and see if anyone still plays. It gets the 3 out of 5. ...


The Gamers Review


Serious Sam

Review By: Leonard


Pros? What Pros? Serious Sam has a first player mission mode and a deathmatch feature. It does have over 20 weapons to choose from which is one of the only 2 good things about it. The other good thing is that its currently being sold at $19.99. It just came out 3 weeks ago and was priced at $49.99.


this game is basically Duke Nukem just with a new character. He even says dumb lines like the Duke. The Graphics are horrible but in the 10 minutes I could stand playing it I didn't find any glitches. The Monsters look like there is a Giant cardboard cutout co...


Serious Sam

The good:

Intense, anus-clenching action; huge variety of weapons; smooth and fast framerate during insane firefights; never gets boring despite repetitive nature; outstanding control - better than mouse and keyboard

The bad:

Boring level design; dull graphics in outdoor levels; graphics of enemies have a dated, smeared look, like in Half-Life


I would only recommend this game to hardcore FPS fans, or people who just like blowing things up. The intensity is compeletly over the top, and it's amazing how there is no slowdown at all during the action, even when there are like 40 enemies charging right at you! It's a testament to the muscle the XBOX processor has. I couldn't imagine this game running on the PS2 or GC. Complete bloody mayhem and carnage here. You will often have to face hundreds of enemies attacking you in a period of seconds. I find this game much, much more challenging than Halo because here, all of the enemies...


Excellent Multiplayer Fun

The good:


The bad:

Only Good Once....-_-


This game is excellent only one time though....So if you haven't played it before make sure you play it online for your 1st time to get the best experiance.

The graphics in the game rock and it's amazing how many cretures you can get on the screen at once. The weapons are really cool and each is different in it's own little way.

There really is no storyline but that's cool beacause it's nonstop action in the game and you are constantly killing bad guys so you forget about a story.

You probably won't find yourself playing this too often because it's the same game every time but it's nice to pi...


Looks can deceive...

The good:


The bad:

Just about everything else.


It's a pretty game, awesome real-time lens flares (which is odd, 'cause the human eye doesn't do that), wide open spaces, and it runs fast.

But the rest of the game is pretty boring. There's only a handful of different enemies (I swear if I see another Kleer Skeleton I'll vomit), so to make up for variety they have volume. Think back to the days of Doom and Doom 2 - now triple (maybe even quadruple) the number of enemies, put it in 3D and voila! You have Serious Sam.

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