Serious Sam (PC) Cheats

Serious Sam cheats, and Codes for PC.

Older Cheats:

Serious Sam Cheats

Cheat Codes
During a game, press F1 to bring up the console. Type one of the following codes, press Enter, then press F1 again to activate the cheat:

God modecht_bGod
All weaponscht_bGiveAll
Full healthcht_bRefresh
No clippingcht_bGhost
Flight modecht_bFly


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Additional Cheats
Press the ` button to bring down the console. Then type one of the following. Make sure you press enter after every cheat and when you've finished typing the cheats press ` again.

God Mode-please god
Invisibility-please invisible
Kill all enemies-please killall
Give all weapons-please giveall
Open all doors-please open
Fly mode-please fly
No clipping-please ghost
Resets health to 100-please refresh
Show all messages from Netrisca-please tellall