Serious Sam: The Second Encounter review
Serious Sam is on PS2 for a budget release

The good:

The good old skool gameplay
Can be funny
Co-op and multiplayer modes like deathmatch
12 great weapons
Driveable vehicles
Weird and wonderful enemies
Long for a budget release
Budget release

The bad:

Graphics and sound could have been better but it is a budget title
Slight shallowness
It is repetitive


Yes hello it's Serious Sam and he's back for this PS2 budget release. This is because PC and X-Box are getting Serious Sam 2 so developers Croteam thought that PS2 and Gamecube owners were left in the dark. So they released this and it's a very good suprise for budget release. For starters if you're looking for a sea deep story line, I would stop reading this review. It starts off that this small guy with red hair messed about with Mental's timelock. Then Sam "Serious" Stone chases after him and that's it really. Sam himself is not serious at all. He's just a man who is strong and is armed to the teeth with weaponary. If you have played a Serious Sam game before you will no that it's complete madness. The idea of gameplay for this game is go into an area, shoot anything that moves and go on to the next area. That sounds rubbish but actually killing things is so much fun, simplicity works in it's favor. The enemies are crazy. You will squid on bikes and even silly witch harpies to gun down. The weapons are great from double barrel shotgun to the Serious Cannon. You can even drive vehicles which are great fun to chuck around. There are some good online and offline multiplayer modes bolted on. It's quite hard to fault Serious Sam: Next Encounter because at this price you can't go much wrong with it so I'd say it's good game. Well worth a look.

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