Serious Sam review
Serious Sam blasts his way onto the GBA

The good:

Plenty of weapons<br>Very challenging<br>Decent 3-D graphics<br>It's a fun game<br>It is cheaper than other games

The bad:

Maybe to challenging...<br>Fiddly crosshair<br>Can slowdown a bit<br>Slightly repetitive


I think this is a good game. Like all the other Serious Sam games, this here is very old-skool. What this means is the fact most of the time you are running side ways and shooting your guns as fast as you can. It reminds me of old Duke Nukem and ancient Castle Wolfenstein quite a lot. A large problem lies in the awkward aiming system. For example, there are two ugly alien creatures and you have your trusty old pistol. You run up to them and they attack you but your crosshair changes. When your crosshair changes, there is no point shooting before it changes or your gonna waste bullets. But you can forgive this if you are patient. There are some great weapons in this. You have a Tommy Gun, Chainsaw and a few more. Later on when you get to Rome, the game gets very tough and you might not stick with Sam's adventure. The game ain't too funny neither but they done the right thing rather than putting a terrible voice-over in. The graphics are good but nothing special. This game is great fun and you might buy it. Just watch out for the those flaws though...

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