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Serious Sam cheats, Tips, and Codes for GBA.


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All of the weapons when is best to use them.
I think this is a rubbish weapon. There's no reason to use it thanks to the pistol which has unlimited ammo.
+ points: Unlimited ammo
- points: Everything else
Rating: 1/5

Schofield Pistol
Only useful on the first level. It is fine on the Methug soldiers and commanders.
+ points: Unlimited ammo, fine for two types of enemy.
- points: Not powerful enough to last
Rating: 2/5

Double Barrel Coach Gun (Shotgun to you and me)
A weapon which is great for most of the enemies in Egypt. Not much use far away distances or in Rome.
+ points: Powerful weapon up close, takes out Egyptian foes with ease.
- points: As soon as the machine guns come in you're unlikely to return.
Rating: 3/5

Thompson (Tommy Gun to you and me)
A fine weapon thoughout Egypt but the Minigun has you using it more.
+ points Nice for taking down enemies with ease. Plenty of ammo for it lying around.
- points: Ammo goes down too quickly, the Minigun kicks and beats the Tommy Gun you don't use it too much after that.
Rating 3/5

Rocket Launcher
Good for far away distances and taking out monsters all at once. Never use it up close or against Kamakazis
+ points: Great powerful weapon which has you using thoughout.
- points: Never ever use it up close.
Rating: 4/5

Your best friend in the game.
+ points: You're going use this all the time.
- points: Ammo goes down too quickly.
Rating 5/5

Prion Gun
Not very useful at all. Only actually used it once. Makes enemy dizzy and give you a chance to shoot 'em.
+ points: If you're looking for a chance to shoot someone that's fine.
- points: Everything else isn't too good.
Rating 2/5

Time Strike Arm
Aim, fire and piano drops on head and dies. One shot kill but only useful on one enemy encounter.
+ points: One shot kill
- points: Everything else
Rating 2/5

Serious Cannon
Very powerful weapon which bounces off walls and othen hits you. Crap.
+ points: Very powerful
- points: You'll die because of it. Full ammo is low.

Microwave Gun
A smart bomb type weapon.
+ points: Everything apart from...
- points: Low full ammo.


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Get very close to the end.
To get very far ahead, go to the single-player mode and then go into the password screen. Type in FILLY.
Rome Level
Go to single-player and then go to the password screen. Now enter DUCKAROO. This takes you to the first Rome level.