Serious Sam 3: BFE Passwords

Menu Passwords
Press the console key ` + type cht_bEnableCheats = 3. The cheats can be accessed through the Menu (ESC then F3) or simply just type in cht + press tab to pull out the cheat list.

Note: Achievements or set leaderboard scores for that session will be disabled. In order to enable them back, you have to disable the cheat function (using cht_bEnableCheats = 0 )
PasswordWhat it does
Auto aim cheatcht_bAutoAim
Display all the messages in NETRICSAcht_bShowAllNetricsaMessages
Enemies can't see youcht_bInvisible
Fly around and pass through wallscht_bGhost
Fly aroundcht_bFly
Gives all available weapons and max ammocht_bGiveAll
Gives specified amount of ammo for specified weaponchtGiveAmmo()
Gives specified amount of armorch_slGiveArmor
Gives specified amount of healthcht_slGiveHealth
Gives specified weaponchtGiveWeapon()
God modecht_bGod
Increased speedcht_bTurbo
Infinite Ammocht_bInfiniteAmmo
Kill all enemies in line of sight except bossescht_bKillAll
Kill the current bosscht_bKillBoss
Unlocks Mental Modecht_bUnlockMentalMode