Serious Sam 3: BFE

  • Released on Oct 17, 2012
  • By Croteam for PC, PS3, Xbox 360, Mac, Linux

Serious Sam 3: BFE (PC) Cheats

Serious Sam 3: BFE cheats, Passwords, Unlockables, and Codes for PC.


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Menu Passwords
Press the console key ` + type cht_bEnableCheats = 3. The cheats can be accessed through the Menu (ESC then F3) or simply just type in cht + press tab to pull out the cheat list.

Note: Achievements or set leaderboard scores for that session will be disabled. In order to enable them back, you have to disable the cheat function (using cht_bEnableCheats = 0 )
PasswordWhat it does
Auto aim cheatcht_bAutoAim
Display all the messages in NETRICSAcht_bShowAllNetricsaMessages
Enemies can't see youcht_bInvisible
Fly around and pass through wallscht_bGhost
Fly aroundcht_bFly
Gives all available weapons and max ammocht_bGiveAll
Gives specified amount of ammo for specified weaponchtGiveAmmo()
Gives specified amount of armorch_slGiveArmor
Gives specified amount of healthcht_slGiveHealth
Gives specified weaponchtGiveWeapon()
God modecht_bGod
Increased speedcht_bTurbo
Infinite Ammocht_bInfiniteAmmo
Kill all enemies in line of sight except bossescht_bKillAll
Kill the current bosscht_bKillBoss
Unlocks Mental Modecht_bUnlockMentalMode


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Steam Achievements
UnlockableHow to unlock
Apprentice EgyptologistDecipher an Egyptian text.
ArachnophobiaRip 10 Juvenile spiders apart.
Are You Serious!?Complete the game in single player on unmodified serious difficulty.
Beast HunterComplete a Beast Hunt match
BerserkerKill 3 enemies in one sprint with the Sledgehammer.
Bone CrusherSmash 20 Kleers with the Sledgehammer.
Bug HuntSquash 10 Hatchling spiders.
Cardiac SurgeonRip out 10 Rocketeer hearts.
Chain ExplosionKill at least 5 headless kamikazes in one explosion.
ChiropractorBreak 10 Soldier necks.
Circle of deathKill at least 3 enemies in one spinning Sledgehammer attack.
Classic OutfitFind sam's classic outfit
Clay PigeonsKill 5 Cave Demons while they're in air.
Co-op BeginnerComplete any level in cooperative with at least 2 players.
Co-op MasterComplete the campaign in cooperative with at least 2 players.
Coin-op Co-opComplete a Coin-op cooperative game on normal or higher difficulty.
Deathmatch BeginnerComplete a deathmatch game with at least 1 frag.
Deathmatch MasterWin 10 deathmatch games.
Flag ThiefScore a total of 10 points in CTF matches.
Get the hell off my ride!Secure the bird.
Gold RushPick up 100 gold coins.
Golden SurvivorEarn a gold medal in Survival.
Hammer TimeFrag 20 players with the Sledgehammer.
HeadsmanDecapitate a Khnum.
Heavy Weight ChampionWin one My Burden match with at least 3 players.
Instant KillerMake at least 3 kills in one Instant Kill match.
Killer JewelryKill an enemy using the Mutilator.
Kleer WrestlerTear off 10 Kleer heads.
Kung-fu FighterPerform all possible finishing moves in the game.
Last Man StandingWin one round in Last Man Standing game with at least 4 players.
Life SaverPick up at least 10 extra life items.
Load of ScrapRip scrapjack's head off.
Look Ma, I won!Win a versus match.
Look, it's a secretFind at least 50 secrets in single player.
Maintenance timeBlow a Major Biomechanoid into pieces.
Master EgyptologistDecipher all Egyptian texts.
Mission completedPower up the Timelock.
Old SchoolComplete the game in single player without manually reloading, aiming or sprinting.
OphthalmologistRemove 10 Gnaar eyes.
Painful DivorceKill a Witch-Bride of Achriman.
Problem solverSolve the riddle of the Sphynx.
Queen HatshepsutComplete The Guardian of Time in single player on serious difficulty without dying or loading.
Rodeo SurferUse the Mutilator to surf after a Werebull.
Scorpion SlayerBreak 5 Arachnoid necks.
Serious BeginnerComplete any level in single player.
Serious RunComplete the game in single player in half the estimated time on each level.
Serious SamComplete the single player campaign.
SkewerPierce 5 enemies with one Devastator round.
SurvivorEarn a medal in Survival.
The doorman should wear a suitAwake the Guardian of Time.
Top SecretFind all secrets in single player.
Trick ShotKill the kicked enemy while it is still in the air.
Up Close and PersonalGib 20 enemies from close range with a shotgun.
Useful TrophyKill an enemy with a gib torn from another enemy.
VistaFind the Vista secret.
Wall of BulletsKill 20 enemies with the Minigun without releasing the trigger.
Wanted Dead or AliveRescue professor Stein. So to say.