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Xenogears Summary: Fei a young man that has been living in a small village, living in peace and harmony until one day giant robots called "Gears" land on his village and he finds himself piloting also a gear, after that fateful day his destiny was changed, now he is involved in an ancient conspiracy that has sinister plans for the world.

Xenosaga Summary: Year 20XX. Lake Turkana, Kenya. A group of scientists discover a mysterious monolith called Zohar.

Year 4767 T.C. - Transcend Christ, or 7277 A.D, according to the old year-counting system. Zohar is no mystery any more. All space ships are Zohar-powered. The humanity has left the planet Earth, which is now called Lost Jerusalem, long time ago, and founded a huge empire on 30000 planets. However, a hostile alien race called "Gnosis" is hunting after Zohar. Anti-Gnosis Weapon Systems ("eggs") do not seem to be enough to stop Gnosis. The Vector Corporation decides to develop an android called "Kosmos", which will be the ultimate weapon against the Gnosis. Shion Uzuki is a 22-year-old engineer chairing this project.

Xenoblade summary: Long time ago two titans fought on the world, one was named the Bionis and the other the Mechonis, they battled for a long time until both stabbed each other ending for a time the titanic battle between the giants, from the Bionis the Hom were born, from the Mechonis the Machina were born both life form inhabited the world, but fate has plans for both races and the only one who can change it wields the Monado, the legendary blade that has mysterious powers and only Shulk for reason unknown to him can and has to wield it.

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Profiles that belong to Xenosaga

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Xenosaga Episode I: Reloaded (Import) 2003 forum
Xenosaga Episode II: Jenseits von Gut und Böse 2005 p/reviews user reviews FAQs cheats forum
Xenosaga Episode III: Also Sprach Zarathustra 2006 p/reviews user reviews FAQs cheats forum
Xenosaga Freaks (Import) 2004 forum
Xenogears 1998 p/reviews user reviews FAQs cheats forum
Xenoblade Chronicles 2012 p/reviews user reviews FAQs cheats forum
Xenoblade Chronicles 3D 2015 p/reviews user reviews FAQs cheats forum
Xenosaga I & II DS (Import) 2006 p/reviews cheats forum
Xenoblade Chronicles X 2015 p/reviews user reviews FAQs cheats forum

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