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Warriors: Into The Wild Series

Warriors is a creation of Erin Hunter. Erin Hunter describes the "other" life of cats, the wild ones. These books are about cats who live in the forest/lake and they're life, they're problems and prophecies, and they're adventures. The main story takes place in Thunderclan, with the first series revolving around a cat named Fireheart. There are a toltal of 4 main series titles;

- Warriors
- Warriors The New Prophecy
- Warrios The Power of Three
- Warriros Omen of the Stars

Each series revolves around somekind of decendent of Fireheart and have six books each. There are others in the series such as the Field guides, Manga books, and Super Editions. These books are highly recommended for young readers and older teens if they're seeking for an interesting plot, cast of characters, and adventure.

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