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Below is a listing of the various game series, franchises, and licenses that compromise groups of games like "Final Fantasy" or "Resident Evil" or "Grand Theft Auto". Click on any series name to get details about that series including a full list of games in that series on all platforms. You may also filter the series listed based on numerous factors such as most games starting with the letter P, you can combine both!

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Series Name Profiles
Taiko Drum Master 5 Forums
Tak 13 Forums
Tales 54 Fanart Forums Tales Wiki
Tales of Monkey Island 16 Forums
Tales of Terror 8 Forums
Tamagotchi 6 Forums
Tap Tap Revenge 12 Forums
Tecmo Sports 14 Forums
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 51 Fanart Forums
Tekken 29 Fanart Forums Tekken Wiki
Temple Run 5 Forums
Tenchu 11 Forums
Terminator 28 Forums
Terraria 10 Forums Terraria Wiki
Test Drive 36 Forums
Tetris 41 Fanart Forums
The Apprentice 4 Forums
The Banner Saga 7 Forums
The Chronicles of Riddick 5 Forums
The Conduit 2 Forums The Conduit Wiki
The Curio Society 4 Forums
The Darkness 6 Forums The Darkness Wiki
The Elder Scrolls 36 Fanart Forums The Elder Scrolls Wiki
The Fast and the Furious 12 Forums
The Godfather 12 Forums
The Hobbit 18 Forums
The Idolm@ster 7 Forums
The King of Fighters 57 Forums
The Last Door 9 Forums
The Lion King 13 Fanart Forums
The Maze Runner 3 Forums
The Nightmare Before Christmas 4 Fanart Forums
The Office 12 Forums
The Price Is Right 11 Forums
The Quest 6 Forums
The Secret Order 18 Forums
The Serpent of Isis 3 Forums
The Simpsons 71 Fanart Forums The Simpsons Wiki
The Sims 144 Fanart Forums The Sims Wiki
    MySims 16 Forums
    The Sims Stories 6 Forums
The Smurfs 5 Forums
The Sparkle 11 Forums
The Sultan's Labyrinth 6 Forums
The Thing 6 Forums
The Treasures of Montezuma 14 Forums
The Treasures of Mystery Island 8 Forums
The Walking Dead 76 Fanart Forums
The Warriors 6 Forums The Warriors Wiki
The Witcher 21 Forums The Witcher 3 Wiki
The Wolf Among Us 34 Forums
The World Ends With You 5 Forums The World Ends With You Wiki
Thief 11 Forums Thief Wiki
This Is Football 5 Forums
Time Crisis 8 Forums
Time Mysteries 15 Forums
TimeRiders 0 Forums
TimeSplitters 10 Forums TimeSplitters Wiki
Titanfall 0 Forums
TNA Wrestling 11 Forums
TOCA 20 Forums
Toki Tori 8 Forums
Tokyo Xtreme Racer 6 Forums
Tom and Jerry 10 Forums
Tom Clancy 10 Forums The Division Wiki
    EndWar 4 Forums
    Ghost Recon 36 Forums
    Rainbow Six 42 Forums
    Splinter Cell 34 Forums
Tomb Raider 62 Fanart Forums
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 74 Forums Tony Hawk Wiki
Top Gun 11 Forums
Top Spin 14 Forums
Torchlight 5 Forums Torchlight 2 Wiki
Toriko 5 Forums Toriko Wiki
Total War 20 Forums
Totally Spies! 5 Forums
Touhou Project 6 Fanart Forums
Toy Story 20 Forums
TrackMania 9 Forums
Tradewinds 8 Forums
Transformers 58 Forums Transformers Wiki
Trauma Center 5 Forums
Treasure Seekers 5 Forums
Trial Xtreme 3 Forums
Tribes 5 Forums
Trigun 9 Forums
Trine 19 Forums
Trinity Blood 6 Forums
Triple Play Baseball 13 Forums
Trivia Quiz 0 Forums
    Animals Trivia Quiz 0 Forums
    Art & Literature Trivia Quiz 0 Forums
    Geography Trivia Quiz 0 Forums
    History Trivia Quiz 0 Forums
    Music Trivia Quiz 0 Forums
    Sports Trivia Quiz 0 Forums
    TV & Movies Trivia Quiz 0 Forums
Tropico 17 Forums
True Crime 11 Forums
Turok 11 Forums
Twilight 9 Forums Twilight Wiki
Twilight Phenomena 9 Forums
Twisted Lands 13 Forums
Twisted Metal 10 Forums Twisted Metal Wiki
Two Worlds 10 Forums
Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 11 Forums
Tycoon 43 Forums
    Airline Tycoon 6 Forums
    Mall Tycoon 3 Forums
    Prison Tycoon 5 Forums
    Railroad Tycoon 5 Forums
    RollerCoaster Tycoon 17 Forums
    Zoo Tycoon 14 Fanart Forums
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