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Below is a listing of the various game series, franchises, and licenses that compromise groups of games like "Final Fantasy" or "Resident Evil" or "Grand Theft Auto". Click on any series name to get details about that series including a full list of games in that series on all platforms. You may also filter the series listed based on numerous factors such as most games starting with the letter P, you can combine both!

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Series Name Profiles
Mario 133 Fanart Forums Mario Wiki
Mega Man 121 Fanart Forums Mega Man Wiki
Madden NFL 116 Forums
Mortal Kombat 61 Fanart Forums Mortal Kombat Wiki
Mobile Suit Gundam 56 Fanart Forums
Metal Gear 52 Fanart Forums Metal Gear Wiki
MLB 50 Forums
Might and Magic 47 Forums Might and Magic Wiki
Magic The Gathering 35 Forums Magic: The Gathering Wiki
Medal of Honor 35 Forums
Music Trivia Quiz 33 Forums
Monopoly 33 Forums
Madagascar 31 Forums
MotoGP 28 Forums
Monkey Island 28 Forums
Metal Slug 24 Forums
MLB: The Show 23 Forums
Monster Jam 23 Forums
Monster Hunter 22 Fanart Forums Monster Hunter Wiki
Myst 21 Forums
Metroid 20 Fanart Forums Metroid Wiki
Marvel vs Capcom 17 Fanart Forums
MX vs. ATV 16 Forums
Macross 16 Forums
MySims 16 Forums
Mega Man Battle Network 15 Forums
Mario Party 14 Forums
Mystery Case Files 14 Forums
Mechwarrior 13 Forums
Mafia 13 Forums Mafia Wiki
Monster Rancher 13 Fanart Forums
Marvel Ultimate Alliance 13 Forums
Max Payne 13 Forums
Mass Effect 13 Fanart Forums Mass Effect Wiki
Midnight Club 13 Forums
Men in Black 11 Forums
Metro 10 Forums
Miyazaki 10 Fanart Forums
Mario Kart 10 Fanart Forums
Mr. Driller 10 Fanart Forums
Microsoft Flight Simulator 9 Forums
Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX 9 Forums
Minecraft 9 Fanart Forums Minecraft Wiki
My Little Pony 8 Fanart Forums My Little Pony Wiki
Mystery P.I. 8 Forums
MotorStorm 7 Forums
Music on 7 Forums
Magic Ball 7 Forums
Monk 6 Forums
Mercenaries 6 Forums
Monsters, Inc. 6 Fanart Forums
Manhunt 6 Forums
Men of War 6 Forums
Mother 5 Fanart Forums Mother Wiki
Mah Jong Quest 5 Forums
Myth 4 Forums
Metal Max 4 Forums
Mirror's Edge 4 Forums
Mortimer Beckett 4 Forums
Mount & Blade 3 Forums
Meteos 3 Forums
Mulan 3 Fanart Forums
Magna Carta 3 Forums
MapleStory 3 Fanart Forums MapleStory Wiki
Mall Tycoon 3 Forums
MediEvil 3 Forums
Mysterious City 3 Forums
Magical Starsign 2 Forums Magical Starsign Wiki
Mugen Souls 2 Forums
Medieval: Total War 0 Forums
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