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Below is a listing of the various game series, franchises, and licenses that compromise groups of games like "Final Fantasy" or "Resident Evil" or "Grand Theft Auto". Click on any series name to get details about that series including a full list of games in that series on all platforms. You may also filter the series listed based on numerous factors such as most games starting with the letter P, you can combine both!

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Series Name Profiles
L.A. Noire 9 Forums
Land Before Time 6 Forums
Langrisser 7 Forums
Last Exile 8 Forums
Law & Order 13 Forums
    Law & Order: Criminal Intent 4 Forums
    Law & Order: SVU 9 Forums
Left 4 Dead 10 Forums
Legacy of Kain 16 Fanart Forums
Legend of Grimrock 2 Forums
Legend Of Heroes 15 Forums
Legend of Legaia 2 Forums
Legend of Zelda 40 Fanart Forums Zelda Wiki
Lego 116 Fanart Forums
    Bionicles 17 Forums
    Drome Racers 4 Forums
    Lego Batman 24 Forums
    LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 9 Forums
    Lego Star Wars 24 Forums
    LEGO The Lord of the Rings 14 Forums
Leisure Suit Larry 21 Forums
Lemmings 20 Forums
Let's Play 10 Forums
Lifeboat Luke 12 Forums
Lilo & Stitch 5 Fanart Forums
Little League World Series 6 Forums
Little Shop 10 Forums
LittleBigPlanet 8 Forums LittleBigPlanet Wiki
LMA Manager 16 Forums LMA Manager Wiki
LocoRoco 4 Forums
Looney Tunes 29 Forums
Lord of the Rings 68 Fanart Forums Lord of the Rings Wiki
Lost 10 Forums
Lost in Blue 4 Forums
Lost Planet 12 Forums
LostWinds 4 Forums
Lucky Luke 5 Forums
Lufia 5 Forums
Lumines 7 Forums
Lunar 9 Forums
Lupin The Third 3 Forums
Luxor 23 Forums
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