JAG Series

JAG is a TV series about Navy and Marines advocates working for the Judge Advocate General. The series is centered on Harmon Rabb Jr, a naval aviator whose father disappeared during the Vietnam War. His actual partner, Sarah "Mac" Mackenzie, is a Marine, ex-alcoholic, whose uncle stole the Independance Declaration. That event was the beginning of the adventures of the duo.

Profiles that belong to JAG

TitleRelease YearNew ReviewsUser ReviewsFAQsCheatsForum
JAG - The Complete Fifth Season 1999 forum
JAG - The Complete First Season 1995 forum
JAG - The Complete Fourth Season 1998 forum
JAG - The Complete Second Season 1997 forum
JAG - The Complete Sixth Season 2000 forum
JAG - The Complete Third Season 1997 forum
JAG - The Eighth Season 2002 forum
JAG - The Seventh Season 2001 forum

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