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Jackie Chan is one of the best known names in kung fu and action movies worldwide for his acrobatic fighting style, comic timing, use of props including furniture and other set pieces as improvised weapons and performing many of his own stunts. Chan has appeared in over a hundred films and is one of the most recognisable Asian movie stars in the world.

Profiles that belong to Jackie Chan

TitleRelease YearNew ReviewsUser ReviewsFAQsCheatsForum
Jackie Chan Adventures 2005 cheats forum
Jackie Chan: Stuntmaster 2000 p/reviews FAQs cheats forum
Jackie Chan Adventures: Legend of the Dark Hand 2001 p/reviews user reviews FAQs cheats forum
Jackie Chan's Action Kung Fu 1991 FAQs cheats forum
Jackie Chan Adventures - The Dark Hand Returns 2000 forum
Jackie Chan Adventures - The Search For The Talisman 2000 forum
Jackie Chan Adventures - The Shadow of Shendu 2000 forum
Jackie Chan Is the Prisoner 1990 forum
Jackie Chan: My Stunts (Chinese Import) 1999 forum
Jackie Chan's First Strike 1997 forum
Jackie Chan's Police Story 1987 forum
Jackie Chan's Project A 1983 forum
Jackie Chan's Project A2 1983 forum
Jackie Chan's Who Am I? 1998 forum

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