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Below is a listing of the various game series, franchises, and licenses that compromise groups of games like "Final Fantasy" or "Resident Evil" or "Grand Theft Auto". Click on any series name to get details about that series including a full list of games in that series on all platforms. You may also filter the series listed based on numerous factors such as most games starting with the letter P, you can combine both!

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Series Name Profiles
Hack RUN 13 Forums
Hacker Evolution 12 Forums
Hakuoki 4 Forums
Half-Life 41 Fanart Forums Half-Life Wiki
    Counter-Strike 15 Forums
    Team Fortress 6 Forums
Half-Minute Hero 4 Forums
Hallowed Legends 9 Forums
Halloween: Trick or Treat 5 Forums
Halo 26 Fanart Forums Halo Wiki
Hand of Fate 8 Forums
Hannah Montana 10 Forums
Happy Chef 5 Forums
Hardwood 3 Forums
Hardy Boys 5 Forums
Harry Potter 84 Fanart Forums Harry Potter Wiki
Haruhi 4 Forums
Harvest Moon 46 Fanart Forums Harvest Moon Wiki
Hatoful Boyfriend 10 Forums
Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA 12 Forums
Haunted Halls 12 Forums
Haunted Hotel 32 Forums
Haunted Legends 23 Forums
Haunted Manor 10 Forums
Haunted Train 7 Forums
HdO Adventure 11 Forums
Hearts of Iron 10 Forums
Heavy Fire 11 Forums
Heileen 13 Forums
Hellboy 6 Forums
Hello Venice 2 Forums
Hellsing 5 Forums
Herbie 6 Forums
Hero of the Kingdom 6 Forums
Heroes & Castles 2 Forums
Heroes of Hellas 7 Forums
Hidden & Dangerous 5 Forums
Hidden Clues 6 Forums
Hidden Expedition 38 Forums
Hidden in Time 6 Forums
Hidden Mysteries 28 Forums
Hidden Object: Home Makeover 6 Forums
Hidden Wonders of the Depths 8 Forums
Hide & Secret 10 Forums
High School Musical 12 Forums
Highlander 12 Forums
Highschool Romance 6 Forums
Higurashi When They Cry Hou 12 Forums
History Channel 24 Forums
Hitman 43 Fanart Forums Hitman Wiki
Hogs of War 6 Forums
Holobunnies 6 Forums
Holy Potatoes! 6 Forums
Home Alone 11 Forums
Home Sweet Home 6 Forums
Homefront 9 Forums
Hoshigami 2 Forums
Hot Shots Golf 10 Forums
Hot Wheels 18 Forums
Hotline Miami 10 Forums
House 9 Forums House Wiki
House of 1000 Doors 12 Forums
House of the Dead 16 Forums
How To Survive 7 Forums
Hunger Games 1 Forums The Hunger Games Wiki
Hyperdimension Neptunia 16 Forums
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