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Lucy Heartfilia, a teenage Celestial Spirit wizard leaves home in order to travel the land of Fiore and to join the infamous wizard guild, Fairy Tail. At the port town of Hargeon, she meets a young man searching for a dragon, Natsu Dragneel and his companion, a talking cat named Happy. Shortly after their meeting, however, she is kidnapped by a man named Bora who claims to be Fairy Tail's "Salamander". Natsu and Happy save her, at which point Natsu reveals that he is a member of Fairy Tail and the real "Salamander" who uses Dragon Slayer magic. After the rescue, Natsu offers Lucy membership to the guild, which she accepts. This anime and manga series, by Mashima Hiro of Rave Master fame, follows their adventures as they perform missions for the Fairy Tail guild.

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