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Below is a listing of the various game series, franchises, and licenses that compromise groups of games like "Final Fantasy" or "Resident Evil" or "Grand Theft Auto". Click on any series name to get details about that series including a full list of games in that series on all platforms. You may also filter the series listed based on numerous factors such as most games starting with the letter P, you can combine both!

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Series Name Profiles
F-Zero 7 Forums F-Zero Wiki
F.E.A.R. 16 Fanart Forums
Fable 12 Forums Fable Wiki
Fairly OddParents 10 Fanart Forums
Fairy Tail 4 Fanart Forums Fairy Tail Wiki
Fallout 21 Forums Fallout Wiki
Family Guy 19 Fanart Forums Family Guy Wiki
Family Party 3 Forums
Fantastic 4 13 Fanart Forums
Far Cry 17 Forums Far Cry Wiki
Farm Frenzy 8 Forums
FarmVille 4 Forums
Farscape 6 Forums
Fatal Frame 8 Fanart Forums
Fatal Fury 18 Forums Fatal Fury Wiki
Fate/ 11 Fanart Forums
FIFA 142 Forums FIFA Wiki
    FIFA Manager 7 Forums
    FIFA Street 13 Forums
    Fifa World Cup 32 Forums
    UEFA Champions League 10 Forums
Fight Night 14 Forums
Final Fantasy 144 Fanart Forums Final Fantasy Wiki
    Chocobo 6 Forums
    Crystal Chronicles 7 Forums
Final Fight 13 Forums
Fire Emblem 14 Fanart Forums Fire Emblem Wiki
Fire Pro Wrestling 13 Forums
Fishdom 6 Forums
Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage 5 Forums
FlatOut 10 Forums
FLCL 3 Fanart Forums
Football Manager 27 Forums Football Manager Wiki
Formula One 30 Forums Formula One Wiki
Forza 9 Forums Forza Motorsport Wiki
Friends 17 Forums Friends Wiki
Frogger 32 Forums
Front Mission 15 Fanart Forums
Fruits Basket 4 Fanart Forums
Full Metal Alchemist 23 Fanart Forums FullMetal Alchemist Wiki
Full Metal Panic 16 Forums
Futurama 13 Forums Futurama Wiki
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