24 is an Emmy and Golden Globe award-winning action/thriller/dramatic television series. It debuted in November of 2001 on the FOX network appearing on Tuesday nights at 9PM, then moved to Monday nights at 9PM starting with its fourth season where the show debuted in January where new episodes would air back-to-back with no repeats. This helped the show ratings-wise, where its fourth and fifth seasons have been the highest rated.

Each season covers the events a terrorist attack over a 24-hour period, where each episode is an hour in real-time. With federal agent Jack Bauer, and the help of Counter Terrorist Unit: Los Angeles trying to stop the attacks. The show also has multiple story lines running at once which all tie together: the main plot with agent Jack Bauer trying to stop the attack; the actions of the terrorists; the White Houses' concerns; and sub-plots with other characters inside and outside of CTU.

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