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You got moves? Play DDR instead.


Just when you think you've seen it all, you browse the Xbox Live Arcade marketplace and find a game that – get this – combines an RPG with elements from a rhythm game. Now, I love RPGs and I enjoy the occasional Guitar Hero session, so naturally when I first found this in 2011, I bought it. Then I played it and absolutely hated it because it was about the laziest attempt at combining the two that anybody could think of and it was just plum annoying to play. Two and a half years later, I give it another shot, and I still *bleep*ing hate this game! Thing is, it has a surprisingly well written...


Missed a few beats, but got quite a few too


When a developer isn't content with current conventions, it's time for them to go against the grain. We haven't seen a rhythm game in quite a while (I'm on the fence with Child Of Eden, although that is a fantastic game regardless), and we all have Activision to thank for that, so.. hope you don't get too comfy with shooters getting released every ten seconds. Anyway, Sequence is what happens when you give a rhythm game some light RPG elements and... that's about it. It does have the potential to be a great game, but it always feels like it could be oh so much better with more content. In f...


The tower of phat beats


Man, I just love these “come out of nowhere” indie games that are not only not far up their own asses, but are also reasonably enjoyable to play. Sequence takes the practically dead rhythm genre (thanks Activision), mixes it up with some stats and manages to create a humble little game. Sadly, it's one of those games that only has one element. Oh no, it's not one of those games with one good element and one or two shitty elements; it's a game with one element and that's it. Is it worth it? Let's dive right in and find out?

The story is pretty basic. Some guy named Ky is kidnapped and brought...

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