Sword of Mana review
Sword Of Mana

The good:

this game is a spin off from the legend of mana for playstation.
SOM has a way better story line.
Nice Music
Plenty of villans.
two story lines.
great graphics.
cool weapons.

The bad:

the graphics arent as good as legend of mana.
but that dont matter the story makes up for the graphics in sword of mana.
fighting can get boring but there are some cool monsters.


Welll to say a few words.
this is probaly one of the very best gba games and if you love rpg's this one is a must have.
there have been a lot of attempts on gba to make really good rpgs. a few made it but take lunar legend gba. for example that game totally sucked becuase they tried to copy the ps one version.if they would done it over a little differant it would have been awesome but instead it was a totaly boring experience but atleast with sword of mana you wont get that bored.and the graphics are awesome for a gba.go buy it you wont regret this one if you like rpg's.

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