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Sword of Mana review
Yet another great Mana game

The good:

Just about everything. You can upgrade your weapons as much as you want (forging), provided you have the Lucre (money) and the amount of the raw material. You have multiple weapons to choose from, so you can find your own fighting style and stick with it, although some enemies take no damage from your weapon of choice... You have multiple defensive statistics with each piece of armor, one stat against every attack trait (slash, bash, jab, magic), and these can be upgraded by tempering your weapon. There is also much more that can be said about this game.

The bad:

The boss battles are too easy. Some people consider that to be a good thing, but then again, some people (like me) don't like easy bosses. You can only temper your weapons and armor a limited number of times (depends on the type of weapon and the raw material). You have to have at least 1 of the raw material your weapon/armor is made from to temper it (I don't see why they can't just temper it without the raw material)


There's much to be said about this game, but as with other great games, it's hard to tell you things without giving spoilers. Those who loved the Secret of Mana and the Legend of Mana will love this game. In this game, you have two different storylines to choose from. Some places you can go in both storylines, whereas others are exclusive to the hero or the heroine storyline. There are many good things about this game, noted above, and a good deal less of bad aspects of the game, as you can see. With the Sword of Mana's weapon skills system (similar to that of Final Fantasy II), the higher your weapon skills are, the more effective your attacks with that weapon will be. When you level up in this game, you have control over how your character will level up. When you go to the Level up screen when your character has leveled up, you can choose to make him/her stronger in one of the basic categories which are: Warrior, Monk, Magician, Sage, Thief, and Random. With Random, your HP, MP, and all stats are affected randomly, which I don't reccomend. Personally, I level up by alternating between the Monk and the Sage classes. I could go on for a couple of days rambling about this game, as good as it is. Some enemies are immune to certain weapons, and some are immune to all weapons. You'll have to figure out the weakness of all enemies on your own. Knowing an opponent's weaknesses come in handy in later parts of the game.

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