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[edit] Background

Sega Bass Fishing Duel redefines the virtual fishing experience. The game carefully balances the arcade gameplay from the original game with an added level of realism, including true-to-life lakes and their complete ecologies. Players can go head-to-head against other armchair anglers in new Tournament competitions. What's more, the fish are even smarter this time around. Even with 100 lures and the freedom to cast anywhere, gamers will have to outwit the fish or lament the "one that got away."

[edit] Features

  • Adapted from the popular arcade game
  • 100-lure tackle box
  • Freedom to cast anywhere
  • Practice, tournament, and versus modes
  • Battle A.I. anglers with different personalities, strengths and weaknesses
  • Cruise your boat around lakes with complete eco-systems, weather effects, and seasonal changes

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Release Dates
  • North America: Sep 25, 2002
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