Sega Soccer Slam Cheats

Odd Balls
To play with one of the wacky balls listed below, go to the title screen and enter the corresponding button code:

Old School ball: Press R, Right, Left(2), Y, X at the title screen.
8-ball: R, RIGHT, UP, UP, Y, Y
Beach ball: R, RIGHT, RIGHT, DOWN, Y, X
Black Box ball: R, LEFT, LEFT, DOWN, X, X
Crate ball: R, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, Y, X
Eyeball ball: R, RIGHT, DOWN, UP, X, X
Globe ball: R, RIGHT, RIGHT, LEFT, X, X
Kid's Block ball: R, LEFT, RIGHT, RIGHT, Y, Y
Kids Play (star) ball: R, RIGHT, UP, DOWN, X, Y
Remy's head ball: R, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, X, Y
Rob's head ball: R, LEFT, UP, LEFT, Y, X
Rusty can ball: R, LEFT, UP, UP, Y, Y