Secrets of Great Art User Reviews


A way to discover art from the XVIIIe - XIXe

The good:

  • A lot of paintings, with not so much known painters
  • The majority of the items are visible
  • The way to tell the story, with some drawings
  • The music, despite being limited, is great
  • Every two paintings, you'll get a "spot the differences"

    The bad:

  • The storyline, while interesting, is spreading in every direction
  • The 61th level is the last one. But you didn't expect the game to end so abruptly
  • Limited period for art history


    I'm historian of art... well, archaeologist but the two domains are strongly tied

    So, it wasn't a surprise to see me download the game free (with ads) from iWin. My era is perhaps Antiquity but I don't mind to play games with art from the other time periods.

    So, Secrets of Great Art sounded like very promising. An hidden object game asking you to find items in paintings sounded like very entertaining. But at the end of the journey, the game lets in your mouth a taste of bitter.

    So, what's this game about?

    You're Alex and your niece just asked you to help her to solve a newspaper game. You have ...

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