Secret Agent Clank review
High Impact, you have the potential to make the perfect portable game

The good:

.Nice change of pace between playable characters
.Stealth gameplay is well thought out
.Graphics are decent
.Music and sound effects are well done

The bad:

.Gameplay can get repetitive
.Camera control is poor
.Missing items


Two years ago, High Impact Games made their debut with the eventual greatest hit, Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters. It was a decent game, but High Impact left alot out of it, and the graphics department was less than sub par.

A year ago, HIG released yet another portable Ratchet and Clank title, called Secret Agent Clank. This game was different than the rest of the Ratchet and Clank games, as in SAC, you controlled Clank for most of the game. You do get to play as Ratchet, as well as Captain Quark for the first time in 3-D and the gadgebots. I am here to tell you if Secret Agent Clank is a game worth your time. Let's begin!

Presentation: Secret Agent Clank is introduced very well. When you start the game, there is already a feeling of espionage in the opening cutscene. The gameplay develops well in the tutorial level, so you get a good feeling of the game. 4.2/5

Story: You, Secret Agent Clank, has arrived at the Boltaire Museum to steal and protect the Eye of Infinity. You get there a little late though, and someone has already stolen the gem, and is trying to escape. When the criminal trips one of the lasers, the hood over his head comes off to reveal Ratchet, your best friend and sidekick, has stolen the Eye of Infinity. Deep down in your heart, you know Ratchet didn't steal the Eye, but you have no proof. For now, you have to find where the Eye has been taken. Who knows? It might not have been Ratchet After all....

As Clank is on the trail of the Eye, Ratchet has to battle old foes in jail due to an old enemy paying the warden to make him. Also, Qwark has hired a robot named Barney (Biography Analysist Robot Neo Eight Yellow), to write about his many adventures. Most his so-called battles were never even fought by him, however......

The story has many plot twists, and is entertaining throughout the game. The stories of all three characters tie together eventually. 5/5

Gameplay: There are four different players you play as, so I will review the gameplay of all the players individually.

Clank-Clank gameplay has been completely revamped to better fit this game. Playing as Clank, you can now operate special spy weapons and gadgets and sneak your way by enemies. Let's talk about his stealth gameplay. One of Clank's stealth techniques is the stealth take-down, where you press a four-button combination in a certain period of time, and if you press all the right buttons in the given amount of time, you can surprise your foe and bring him down without attracting attention. You can also hide behind various objects, such as leaves or bushes. A gadget you get later on in the game allows you to disguise yourself as one of the enemies, making for easy navigation. Clank also has a decent arsenal of weapons at his disposal, including the tie-a-rang, which allows you to throw razor-sharp bow-ties at your enemies, the cufflink bomb, which shoots tiny grenades out at your enemies, and the holo-knuckles, which allows you to punch your enemies by surprise. Those are just a few of the weapons. However, the gameplay can get a bit repetitive after a while, and the camera still hasn't been fixed from R&C: SM. There is a blank slot for a gadget that no one has found to this day. As the game goes along, the clank gameplay just seems to have been given up on, as there is nothing new or creative, and enemies look dull and boring. The clank gameplay has alot of positive points, but it didn't live up to its full potential.

Ratchet-You have to defend Ratchet from his old foes who are out for revenge, so Clank sends you weapons scattered across the galaxy. The Ratchet sections are drab and dull, even though some of the ideas are creative. You are basically just fighting in arena. But this section still gets points for the fact that you still get to blow s*** up.

Qwark-The Quark sections are the most fun and creative of all the gameplay sections (with the exception of one level, terribly frustrating). You get to play in one of his "fairy tales." Since you are playing what Qwark is telling Barney, anything can change at any given moment. If you were, for instance, shooting with bananas, and he says something like, "then the enemy took away my bananas and gave me apples," you would then have to start using apples as your weapon. There is one level where he sings a hilarious opera, where play in a variety of acts. It's just all-around fun.

Gadgebots: Whenever Clank is in a dilemma, it is up to the gadgebots to help him out. You travel through a certain area, where you destroy computers, use bodies as activation devices, etc., to save Clank. They are decent little sections, and a nice break from all of the other commotion.

Overall: I have to give gameplay a 3.75/5.

Graphics: The graphics in this game are much better compared to the graphics in Size Matters. Cutscenes are detailed much better, and the gameplay graphics have improved. as well. As said earlier, the enemies aren't very detailed and don't have that much variety. That's the only thing that keeps this this section from getting a perfect score. 4/5

Audio. Music has the spy theme you would expect, and can be very enjoyable to listen to at times. Sound effects are decent. Dialogue is better in this game, as well as voice acting. Not much to say here. 4/5.

Conclusion: Buy this game if you have played the previous five
Ratchet and Clank games. If not, rent it, or leave this alone. But I highly recommend this game, and you can get it cheap nowadays. 3.5/5

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