Second Sight (Xbox) Cheats

Second Sight cheats, Tips, and Codes for Xbox.


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Computer Screensavers
Watch the screen-saver on the computers. Read the scrolling message.
The default one says "NSE: National Security Executive" but there are a lot of funny messages put in by the developers. Sit there for at least 10 minutes to see a lot of different ones.
I first noticed it on the Conspiracy level but it's probably on all pc's.
Hidden movies
On Certian missions in the past ( NOT preperation) If you fail you get a different ending where you appear in an interrogation room (the same one as in the first level, isolation) and a mysterious voice talks to you and somehow helps you.
P.S. i have only got up to the level past reliance so i only so far got them on reliance and feild work)
Field work: shoot a member of winter ice team and kill them.
Reliance: Get seen by a guard in the first building and get a fire fight started, DONT help the commander, let him die!!
Mini Game - Earth Impact
This Minigame is "hidden" in the Reliance level.
After you entered the building through the vents there is a room with guards and Arcade machines inside.
Kill the guard playing one of the Arcades and use the Arcade he was playing.
Once you unlocked this Minigame you can always play it through the Pause-Screen!
Mini Game - X Space '92
This Minigame is hidden in the Madness level.
It's located up on a shelf in a room that has only one entrance an no connection to the other rooms and a camera above the door and a guard in front of the door.
The room is before the third checkpoint which is the fenced door that needs a keycode to open.
The room is the storage room.
When you're in the room use your Telekinesis to get this game. When you have it use it with any computer in this level to play X-Space '92.

Once you unlocked this Minigame you can always play it through the Pause-Screen!