Second Samurai Cheats

Second Samurai cheats, Codes, Passwords, and Codes for GENESIS.

Command codes

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Level Select
Press [B], [C], [B], [C], [A], [A], [Left], [Right] in that exact order while in the Options menu to gain access to level select.


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Level Passwords
Enter the following passwords to skip the desired level
PasswordWhat it does
1FC1GFBNLevel 02
BSI2VSDQLevel 03
2SETGKNOLevel 04
DLMACA1FLevel 06
TVJW2ZSELevel 07
GFD1GFBNLevel 08
6LSWDRTJLevel 09
OOK5VVYQLevel 10
P25KOVWDLevel 11
X1CRTJKOLevel 12
N16W35T4Level 13
LMNPJJ4VLevel 14
MA4DNMICLevel 15