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SD Gundam G Generation Portable (Import) 08th MS Team Scenario Guide

by Ominae   Updated to v1.30 on
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Table of Contents:

I.     Version
II.    Overview of FAQ
III.   Scenario
IV.    Walkthrough
       a. Prologue
       b. Level 1
       c. Level 2
        ca. Addition
V.     Battle Hints
VI.    Gallery Unlockables
       a. Characters
       b. Mobile Weapons
VII.   Playables
VIII.  Credits

I. Version

- My 1st version of this guide

- Minor correction

- Made major corrections
- Added logo
- Updated Credits

- Made updates on Walkthrough
- Updated Gallery Unlockables
- Updated Credits

- Made minor updates

- Minor update on Gallery Unlockables 

- Added Playable section
- Updated Battle Hints section
- Major updates complete for now.

II. Overview of FAQ

This guide is created to assist SD Gundam G Generation Portable players 
in playing the Mobile Suit Gundam: 08th MS Team Scenario, one of the many 
levels in the game. From reading this guide, players would know what to do 
in order to finish the scenario's 2 levels and earning its hidden 
characters and mobile suits.

III. Scenario

The 08th MS Team Scenario takes place during the One Year War in 
Universal Century 0079 in the Asian continent, particularly in the 
Southeast Asian region and later on in Tibet, where Shiro Amada and
his comrades in the 08th MS Team must take down Zeonic forces in 
the region in order to achieve victory for the Earth Federation.

The scenario is mostly based on the series, with the addition of the 
Gundam Generation characters. Also, the scenario takes a little twist
after some things will happen to Shiro, which will be discussed 
later on.

IV. Walkthrough


Area: Space
Allies: Shiro Amada
        Terry Sanders
        Space Transport Ship Captain
Enemies: Aina Saharin
Deployment Spots: None

Mission: Defeat MS-06RD-4 Zaku II

Failure: Death of Shiro Amada 
         Death of Terry Sanders Jr.


While Shiro and Michel are on their way to Earth to be transferred to the 
Earth Federation Army, the two witness a battle between a RGM-79[E] GM Type 
E and a MS-06RD-4 Zaku II mobile suit with the former deploying signal 
flares for help.

Shiro, wanting to assist his fellow Earth Federation comrades, prepares to 
fly out on a RB-79K Ball, despite some problems with the captain of his 
Space Transport Ship. With this, Shiro flies out to space and faces the 
Zaku II in combat.


First of all, Terry's GM Type E is badly damaged that you have to make sure 
he's out of range from Aina's Zaku II before she decides to finish him off 
for good. Also, the ship's captain can't do anything to assist Shiro since 
it doesn't have any weapon systems. You're on your own.

But basically, the level's quite easy. All you have to do is engage Aina's 
Zaku II with the Ball's tackle and 180mm cannon attacks. She should go 
down after a few turns.

Level 1:

Area: Forest
Allies: Shiro Amada
        Karen Joshua
        Terry Sanders Jr.
        Eledore Massis
Enemies: Aina Saharin
         Norris Packard
         Several Zaku II J pilots
         Several Heli/Dopp Pilots
Deployment Spots: North and Southeast

Mission: Defeat All Enemies

Failure: Death of any 08th MS Team member


Landing on Earth, Shiro was indoctrinated into the 08th MS Team alongside 
Terry, who he rescued back in space. Soon later, Kojima introduced Shiro 
to Karen Joshua and Eledore Massis, who are assigned to the same team 
with Shiro. 

The team is given their first assignment to track down Zeon forces in 
the forests, where they were believed to be sighted.


Deploy the non-scenario battleship to the Southeast, since it's easier 
to support the 08th MS Team. Norris Packard will appear in a MS-06J Zaku 
II with Masado in a Gunship Heli and will scramble reinforcements, 
including more Zaku II Js, Gunship Helis and Dopp Fighters. 

This is pretty easy, if you take it slow. Let the 08th MS Team take on the 
Zaku reinforcements near the river, while the non-scenario characters take 
on the incoming Zaku II Js, the Helis and the Dopps. Careful here, since 
the non-scenario characters may die easily if there are ganged up by the 
Zakus with their low levels. Use the battleship's armaments to support 
your guys and sent them back to the ship if their EN meter starts to 
drop down to a point that you have little or no attack skills left. 
Team attacks are the main key here if you want them to have some 

Norris, in his Zaku II J, will try to either move in on Shiro and his team 
or your non-scenario characters. Whatever comes first, be ready to use 
strong attacks and team attacks to damage him since for an ace pilot like 
him, he has a lot of life even if he's at level one. If possible, use 
team attacks on him when you engage him with 2 to 3 people so's to 
drain his life. Masado will try to attack with his Gunship chopper, 
but he's pretty easy. Just use a strong attack move to kill him or
the battleship's cannons or lasers. If you want to look dramatic, use 
a team attack on him and he'll die on one turn. Watch out for the 
Dabude class ships that will unleash Helis when you're close to it 
and keep an eye for it to launch its main cannons. If possible, evade 
when its chances of hitting you are low. Otherwise, be ready to send 
fresh units to attack it.

As you mop up enemy mobile suits, fighters and choppers, use attacks 
that can easily take out the turrets on the hills like the 180mm cannon 
or the rocket launchers of the RX-79[G] Gundams. Let the non-scenario 
characters assist them since they'll need early experience for them 
and their mobile suits. Same thing goes with the Zaku cannons stationed 
in the area also.

Movie Bonus: 

If you destroy all the turrets, you'll get a CG movie where more Zeon forces 
are deployed into the forests. Bad luck for the heroes!

As soon as the Apsalus II and more Zeon mobile suits, choppers and Dopps 
arrive, let some of the Zaku II Js try to get close, then use team attacks 
and moves that can critically injure them or kill them in one turn. Slowly 
move close to the Apsalus II and take out more Helis and Dopps. Two Dabude 
class ships are here and will not hesistate to deploy in Heli cargo at 
you. Divide the forces in half and let the non-scenario characters take 
out the choppers while Shiro and the others face the Dabude class 

When you're almost done, the Apsalus II and some mobile weapons (Dopp 
Fighters for sure) will hang out with it. Get some mobile suits to take 
out the Dopps while a team attack with Shiro should take out Apsalus II. 
Be sure to keep an eye for its mega particle cannon. If you're hit by it, 
it's usually bad news.

Fight it with the help of the battleship's weapon systems and keep using 
team attacks or good attack moves to take down Apsalus II.

Movie Bonus:

If Shiro guns down Apsalus II, a special cut scene will be shown where 
Shiro met Aina in a snowy mountain, possibly in Tibet.

Eventually, Shiro and the others will withdraw after they eliminate the 
Zeon forces in the area. Good work! Mission complete!

Level 2:

Area: City near Mountains
Allies: Shiro Amada
        Karen Joshua
        Terry Sanders Jr.
        Eledore Massis 
        Several Guntank Pilots
        GM Sniper Pilot
        Ethan Ryer
        Several GM Ground Type Pilots
        Several Jet Core Booster Pilots
Enemies: Ginias Saharin 
         Norris Packard
         Several Zaku II J pilots
         Several DOM pilots
         Several Dopp pilots
Deployment Spots: West, Center Area
                  North, Center Area
                  East, Center Area

Mission: Defeat All Enemies

Failure: Defeat of any 08th MS Team member
         Destruction of Big Tray class ship


Ethan Ryer, in a Big Tray class ship, is accompanied by Kojima in the area 
Where Zeon forces are believed to be held up in the nearby mountain. 
Meanwhile, Shiro and the others are in a city on a scouting mission for 
any signs of Zeon activity when out of nowhere, Norris leaps out and 
attacked one of the Guntanks with a MS-07B3 Gouf Custom mobile suit 
by stabbing the Guntank's cockpit, killing its pilot.

Afterwards, teams of Zakus and DOMs appear out of nowhere to ambush 
Shiro and other Earth Federation Army units stationed in the area, 
leading to a trap.

The first part of this level can be very difficult if you don't try to 
let Shiro or the Guntank pilots stay alive in order to survive. 
First, deploy the non-scenario battleship near the MS Team, preferably 
on the South or the West so as to use its beams to take out multiple
enemy mobile suits. Gather the allies together so as they can support
each other, making sure that Shiro does not get damaged.

Wait for the enemy mobile suits to come near, then use the ship's 
beam attacks to kill them. Also, team moves will be needed to play 
a role in defeating all the enemy mobile suits, especially Norris'
Gouf Custom. Be careful, he's on Level 3 and can dish out a lot of 
damage if you're not careful. Team attacks and strong attack moves 
are the key in defeating him.

Shiro disappears from the map and teleports to the mountain area,
where Ginias is on his Apsalus III with additional Zaku and DOM 
reinforcements with 2 Dabude class ships. When your turn starts,
get Shiro to keep running away until he gets to Ryer's Big Tray
class (See! This is why Shiro has to be in perfect health when 
it happens since enemies will try to damage him.). Let him evade
as much as possible until he gets near Ryer's party.

When the Dopps and Zakus approach Ryer's party, try to evade 
and unload the GM Ground Type mobile suits from the Big 
Tray class and fire its weapons at the incoming Zakus and 
Dopps with Shiro backing them up.

After mopping up the enemies in the city area, slowly approach
the mountain area, but watch out for DOMs and Zakus that 
appear out of nowhere to ambush you guys. Fight back and 
use team moves or the ship's weapon systems to kill them off. 
Link up with Ryer and if he needs help, assist in mopping up 
the enemies near the base of the mountain before approaching 
the mountain itself.

As you slowly come near the mountaintop, DOMs and Zakus will 
descend and try to attack you. Be ready to counterattack and 
move carefully when you're near the summit since the Apsalus 
III can easily toast the GM Ground Type and Guntanks nearby. 
Use attack moves that can drain the Apsalus III's health and 
use them when you have the chance to get into team attack 
formation. If you move in on the left side of the summit, 
a squadron of Dopps will try to stop you. If you move to 
the right, Nothing happens. It's up to you basically,
but I'd recommend going to the right side so as to prevent
any surprise attacks.

Movie Bonus:

If Shiro guns down the Apsalus III, a special cutscene 
Appears with Shiro's Ez8 finishing off Ginias' Apsalus 
III with assitance from Aina.

With Shiro gone (If you trigger the cutscene mentioned 
Above), you'll all alone in mopping up the rest of 
the enemies. Without Shiro's Ez8, tread carefully and 
use the non-scenario characters in mopping up the 

All the members of the 08th MS Team will try to find
Shiro, but report him to be MIA.

In another part of the area, Shiro and Aina are happy
that their allegiance to their former leaders are
now over as the battle has finally ended without
their comrades seeing them as they prepare to start
a new life together.

Even if Shiro's (And Aina's) gone, mission's still
complete! Good work!

In finishing the scenario, you're able to unlock two
characters as mobile weapon pilots and several 
mobile weapons, including the RX-79[G] Gundam Ground
Type mobile suit.   

In addition, I've also been given some advice on 
how to finish Stage 2 of the 08th MS Team Scenario.

NOTE: The following are edited in order to make
them clear and concise to the readers.

"I beat this stage using very cheap tactics. Spread 
out your units at the beginning so that Shiro and 
the Guntanks will not be attacked. Kill off ALL units 
on the map unit the blue zaku is left. Finish off the 
blue Zaku (Gouf Custom) and Shiro will be transported 
to the new map. Have Shiro retreat right away and 
hide behind the flying units. Slowly but surely 
bring your ws (Warship) and main units up while 
having Shiro and the plane units always on evade."

- fillinthe_____

"Having a strong MS from another series might help. 
Here's how I did it. I sent out my God Gundam and 
had him destroy the 1st guy that sends Shiro to 
the other place unharmed. From there, I just had the 
planes and battleships and the other MSes wear down 
the guys on the mountains until I got my mothership 
w/ my MSes there, and then sent it along with Shiro 
to finish the level off."

- football_fan

V.  Battle Hints


- Nothing much. Everything's easy here. Just let Shiro
  deal the damage to Aina from his RB-79K Ball unit.

Stage 1:

- Deploy on the southern portions, both in the forest 
  and river. That way, you won't get easily 

- Use team moves to take out the big units (e.g. 
  ships, especially Apsalus models). You'll
  dish out much damage that way.

- Protect the 08th MS Team members at all costs.
  A single casualty from them means game over.

- If facing ground and air units in a battle,
  prioritize the Dopps and Helis. They'll be a pack
  of trouble if you don't get rid of them.

- When facing the Dabude class ships, try to use
  strong single and team moves to heavily damage it.
  That way, you won't need to face the threat of
  its cargo. (In this case, the Helis)

- Later on, Masado appears in a Heli gunship.
  Don't try to waste strong moves on him. Simple 
  techniques that can attack air units can easily 
  kill him if close.

- Norris appears here on Level 1. Don't take him
  too lightly. He's too good for someone who's on
  a basic level. Use team moves and the battleship's
  weapon systems to take him out.

Stage 2:

- In the start of the game, move everyone in together
  so as to support each other. But be on the lookout to 
  make sure not everyone is injured in an attack that may
  take two mobile suits on. Make sure that Shiro's health
  is in good shape.

- Use the Guntanks for team attack support. Use them only
  if the enemy's life is low and if their health is good.

- Norris returns, this time in a Gouf custom. Defeating 
  him will make Shiro "appear" in the mountains. Be sure
  to defeat the grunt Zakus before killing him. 

- Move carefully. You literally don't want to be caught
  by your pants when DOMs, Zakus and Dopps start to appear
  out of nowhere while you're not prepared for action.

VI. Gallery Unlockables


Shiro Amada
Aina Saharin
Karen Joshua 
Terry Sanders Jr.
Eledore Massis
Michel Ninorich
Norris Packard 
Ginias Saharin 
Ethan Ryer

Mobile Weapons:

Apsalus II
Apsalus III
Big Tray class ship
Dabude class ship
Gunship Heli
Jet Core Booster
Cargo Carrier (Aircraft)
MS-05B Zaku I
MS-06B Zaku II
MS-06J Zaku II
MS-06K Zaku Cannon
MS-06RD-4 Zaku II Prototype
MS-07B3 Gouf Custom 
MS-07H8 Gouf Flight Type
RB-79K Ball
RGM-79 [G] GM Ground Type
RGM-79 [G} GM Sniper
RX-75 Guntank
RX-79 [G] Gundam Ground Type
RX-79 [G] Ez8
Space Transport Ship
Type 74 Hover Truck

VII. Playables


Shiro Amada
Aina Saharin

Mobile Weapons:

Apsalus II
Apsalus III
Dabude class ship
Gunship Heli
Jet Core Booster
Cargo Carrier (Aircraft)
MS-05B Zaku I
MS-06B Zaku II
MS-06J Zaku II 
MS-06RD-4 Zaku II Prototype 
RB-79K Ball 
RX-79 [G] Gundam Ground Type
RX-79 [G] Ez8
Space Transport Ship
Type 74 Hover Truck 

VIII. Credits

I would like to thank the following:

Namco Bandai Games
- for creating and developing the game

- for publishing the game

Sony Computer Entertainment
- for marketing the game for the PSP

My brother Nicholas
- for helping me get to the shop in Granville Island that had the White PSP (ASCII Generator)
- for providing the ASCII text

fillinthe_____ and football_fan
- for providing useful advice that I used to finish the last stage

- for taking your time to read my FAQ