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Excellent and fresh gameplay but with frustrating controls.


There aren't too many games out there that are in the same category as Scribblenauts for the Nintendo DS... yes it's full of levels with predetermined endings, but the game is not so much about finding the Starite that you need to complete levels as it is about how you find it. And it's that potential for extreme creativity that sets it apart from the rest.

The game is based around a huge dictionary of thousand of objects and creatures that you can summon into the world in just a few clicks. The goal is to use these objects to complete the various levels in the game and get to the Starite. T...


Can't I just blow up the obstacle... oh, I actually can?


Every so often we get a game idea that manages to break away from the otherwise endless stream of tried and tested formulae. These are the kinds of games that don't just present a unique feature or a fresh approach on an old idea but instead give us an entire experience unlike the rest. Scribblenauts concept is to allow the creative minds of the gamers to flourish by letting them create almost anything they want to complete the levels and it's an idea that excites any gamer. After all, who could resist that?

The overall point of the game is to collect the starites located in every level. Whi...


Scribblenauts in a nutshell(a very large nutshell)

The good:

It's got plenty of good things. Where to start... Well, how about the main things?

You create things by typing in it's name. So, if you type in Man, you'll get a man. And the same works for other things. The game has most things, and some have multiple names.Example: Djinn creates a Genie, and so does Genie. There's also many many more items, and they all have something funny.

The game also has several different types of puzzles. One is puzzle mode. Here, you solve real life problems, and then you get the starite, which is what you need to pass the level. For example: Lets say that there is a man walking in the desert. The game gives you a hint, but I'll talk about that later. The hint is "Refresh him." What would you do in a situation like this? What would you want, if you were that man? Something to drink, I would think. So, type in water, and give it to him. Problem solved.

Now, there is also a different mode, called action mode. In this mode, you just create things and move around, trying to get to the starite in the level. One example, is that there is two buttons, but only one switch, and three doors. The buttons are at the bottom of holes connected through a passage, and there are boulders above those on either side. What would you do? I'd knock the boulders into the hole, activate the switch, and grabb the startite. End of story.

The bad:

OK. Now for the bad parts. In the game, the controls are simple. Simple, but deadly, and sometimes don't work the way you want. You move around by only using the touch screen, making this very simple. However, it can also prove deadly, as one wrong touch can send you flying of the screen, or into the open maws of an enemy, or into a spikes. If you ask most people who have played the game, they will say that the style is VERY annoying.

The creation system is a little bit of a let down. They won't let you create any proper nouns, or anything copyrighted.


All in all, it's a good game. If you're looking for something to pick up, and feel like doing something funny, and/or feel like solving puzzles, this is a great game. Or, even if you're looking for something to kill a little boredom or time, this game is great for that too.

The creation system has some rules that you have to follow. You can't create anything that is vulgar, copyrighted, a proper noun, suggestive, etc.

Also, there is a limit of items that you can have on the screen at one time. This is a double edged sword. It is a nice touch, keeping things form getting to crazy, but als...

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