Scribblenauts Glitches

Surpassing the par bar!
When in a level (if you don't care about the level par) and in free mode, here's how to have as many objects summoned at one time as you want without that limit bar bothering you.

First summon a cloud. Then put a glue on top of the cloud. Then attach a large air vent to that glue, the wind blowing upwards. Move the cloud close to the top of the screen. Leave a big enough gap to put something on top of it, something about the size of a person.

Next summon a nuke. Put the nuke above the air vent and it'll float off the screen, even when not activated. Usually when a nuke goes off, everything dies and you start over again. When the nuke flies above the screen, you'll hear the explosion but you won't die. Instead the limit bar will go down. By two spaces. As you can imagine, you can do this as many times as you want to be able to place as many objects as you want and keep on giving yourself more space.

Be warned though, after about 30 objects the game may freeze and there may be glitches.