Scribblenauts Unlockables

Internet Memes
The following words can be used in the game to unlock Internet Memes:
UnlockableHow to unlock
All Your Base Are Belong To UsWrite "All Your Base Are Belong To Us"
Ceiling CatWrite "Ceiling Cat"
Do Not WantWrite "Do Not Want"
Dramatic ChipmunkWrite "Dramatic Chipmunk"
FeepWrite "Feep"
FTWWrite "FTW"
Giant Enemy CrabWrite "Giant Enemy Crab"
I See What You Did ThereWrite "I See What You Did There"
Keyboard CatWrite "Keyboard Cat"
Leeroy JenkinsWrite "Leeroy Jenkins"
Loituma GirlWrite "Loituma Girl"
Lol WutWrite "Lol Wut" (Enables Big Head Mode)
LollerskatesWrite "Lollerskates"
LongcatWrite "Longcat"
ManbearpigWrite "Manbearpig"
Monorail CatWrite "Monorail Cat"
NeoGAF or GAFWrite "NeoGAF" or "GAF"
Ninja SharkWrite "Ninja Shark"
Ninja CatWrite "Ninja Cat"
WeegeeWrite "Weegee"
O rly, Ya rly or No walWrite "O rly" or "Ya rly" or "No wal"
Om Nom Nom NomWrite "Om Nom Nom Nom"
Over 9000Write "Over 9000"
PhilosoraptorWrite "Philosoraptor"
Post Two One SevenWrite "Post Two One Seven"
Rick RollWrite "Rick Roll"
RoflcopterWrite "Roflcopter"
Spaghetti CatWrite "Spaghetti Cat"
TacgnolWrite "Tacgnol"
Ur MomWrite "Ur Mom" (Spawns a zombie)