Scribblenauts Unlockables

Special Items
Wtie one f the followin words to get the indicated items:
UnlockableHow to unlock
Black HoleSmall Black Hole that swallows An enemy or object and then disappears.
ChiFlying Chinese Dragon you can ride.
Da ManScribblenauts game.
Freeze RayTemporarily freeze enemies in an ice cube.
Invincibility CloakBecome immune to damage.
Invisibility CloakCannot be seen by enemy creatures.
Pocket KnifeUseful weapon.
Lunar Rover or Lunar LanderCancels gravity.
ReindeerCan fly.
Saint NickSpawn a man with monkey face.
Shrink RayShrinks enemy creatures.
VirginSpawn a gamer.
X-Ray Vision or Night Goggles.Enables different views.
Zombie RepellentRepels zombies.
X-ray visionwrite"X-ray goggles"
rocket bootsenables you to jump higher