Scribblenauts Tips

Flying Techniques
There are multiple ways to attain flight in this game, here are the ones that I know.
  • Wings, obvious, just drag them onto yourself or whatever you want to be able to fly
  • Winged Sandals, like Hermes' sandals in Greek Mythology, allow you to fly
  • Jet-pack, the classic yet modern compact flying device, makes an appearance in the game
  • Pegasus, also from Greek Mythology, this winged horse is friendly and allows you to fly. He can also transmute things into items, for some reason
  • Reindeer, just like the ones belonging to Santa, are able to fly
  • Roc, the giant mythical bird, is one of my personal favorites,and it has a pecking attack
  • Planes, Helicopters, Jets, Choppers, Dirigibles, Blimps, Hot air Balloons, and Roflcopters are all flying machines