Scribblenauts Passwords

Powerful Enemy Killers
These summons tend to be amongst the strongest summons to deal with enemies. Just input the names into the book to summon them. Be careful though as they can and will attack Maxwell as well if he's near.
PasswordWhat it does
DeathOnly loses to a few enemies
OozeKills almost anything. Small size is ideal for dealing with enemies in enclosed spaces.
EdisonA T-Rex with a headband. More powerful than Ooze but is also rather big.
KrakenUseful for sea based enemies
HydraThree headed dragon
DragonGood against firey foes not good for watery foes. Very powerul.
cthulhugood for killing big creatures
VampireInvincible to most things.
Rail gunIt's supposed to shoot a trail of green smoke but it shoots rockets
Nuclear bombDestroys everything
Laser gunLike pistol but shoots lazers
PistolNormal just shoots
RifeShoots two bullets at a time
Chain gunIt's supposed to shoot bullet but it shoots two cannon balls at a time
CannonShoots cannon balls
MineAnything that drops or steps on this it will explode
BombPut it on fire and it will explode
PriestSeemingly invincible.Give it a weapon and it kills enemies that it is scared of.
DynamiteDoes samething as bomb, but stronger
RiotgunShoots at enemies
SwordSwats everything you attack