[edit] Background

From the creative minds behind Drawn to Life and Lock's Quest, Scribblenauts is a sandbox game where you use your own imagination to solve puzzles!

[edit] Gameplay

Players use the touch screen to spell out an object that is used to obtain items called "Starite." For example, typing "L-a-d-d-e-r" will result in a ladder appearing on screen, which you can climb up to reach a Starite that is high off the ground.

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Maxwell's losing his family

Mar 22 at 10:03pm, by Maxfield Navarro | 2 comments
Super Scribblenauts announced for DS

The sequel you've been waiting for

May 17, 2010, by Lydia Sung | 5 comments
Scribblenauts sales reach over 1 million

Innovation sells too, you know?

Feb 04, 2010, by Jim Hargreaves | 2 comments
5TH Cell releases first of six Scribblenauts dev diaries

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Nov 26, 12 1:39pm

There aren't too many games out there that are in the same category as Scribblenauts...

x Hazel Eyes x
Jul 26, 11 7:36pm
I just love this game! Very cool and fun! Scribblenauts
Jul 26, 11 4:55pm
A game that requires quite a bit of imagination and cleverness. Scribblenauts
Feb 13, 11 5:35pm
Pro at this game Scribblenauts
Nov 4, 10 10:18pm
Freakishly fun! Scribblenauts
Dark Arcanine blogged
Sep 20, 10 9:53am

Having retired from the position of running our much cherished Articles of Excellence contest, we've recently seen the return to participation of one of our long-running, high quality reviewers. Insanity Prevails has netted his latest win for his review of Scribblenauts on the Nintendo DS. Describing it as a game that went and did something refreshingly different with some flaws, he concludes it's worth the purchase, if only just.

 Scribblenauts     Score: 3.5/5
 Genre: Puzzle

 In all it somewhat leaves Scribblenauts as an odd title. I can't honestly say it is a great game because it has some glaring flaws that would get any other title lynched, but at the same time I find the sheer experience of creating almost whatever you want to be something all gamers should dabble in.

quote Insanity Prevails
Every so often we get a game idea that manages to break away from the otherwise endless stream of tried and tested formulae. These are the kinds of games that don't just present a unique feature or a fresh approach on an old idea but instead give us an entire experience unlike the rest. Scribblenauts concept is to allow the creative minds of the gamers to flourish by letting them create almost anything they want to complete the levels and it's an idea that excites any gamer. After all, who could resist that?

The overall point of the game is to collect the starites located in every level. While each stage already has a multitude of objects already in place, the real point of it all is to summon new objects to solve the problems and reach the goal. A simple tap of the book opens up the input screen where you can tap in (or literally write if you want, although it's a painfully slower process) words of stuff you want to summon to the level. You can then drag the objects around, attach them to things in some cases and use them. Finding the right combinations is the key.
Read the rest of this review and leave feedback

ds neoseeker related gaming related articles of excellence review contest scribblenauts insanity prevails
Aug 27, 10 10:40am

Every so often we get a game idea that manages to break away from the otherwise...

Jul 21, 10 10:36am
4/5 Scribblenauts
Jul 8, 10 1:00am
lol in this game I made GOD drive a Hot Rod! XD Scribblenauts
Big rock Oz
May 15, 10 2:22am
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