Super Scribblenauts Tips

fun/useful words and adjectives
RC Helicopter-When clicked on you click command and can fly it around (It can flip switches too)
EBG- It fires exploding barrels
Invincibility Cloak- You cannot be harmed
Gaf- A floating ball you can ride
Arcade(game)- Tap the rockets to destroy them, and do not let them get past the bottom of the screen
Drivable- You can ride it
Immortal- It cannot die
EVIL- it will kill you (or try)
Zombie- It becomes undead
Sizes(in order of small to big)- Molecular, tiny, shrunken, small, large, great, huge, mega, colossal
Immovable-can never move, even in the air
Supersonic-item will get sort of a speed boost
Deadly- attacking will it will kill in one hit