Super Scribblenauts Tips

2 ways to get a starite in special levels
in the special levels that require you to simply reach the starite and obtain it, there are simple ways that it can be done. among those, these two are my favorites.

1. create an ultrasonic invincible RC plane and place it near the starite. tap on it once placed. there should be an option labeled "Command." tap that. now you're playing as the plane. pick up the starite as the plane and fly back to Maxwell. then release the starite to give it to Maxwell. (to play as Maxwell again, tap him while you're a plane) RC cars and helicopters work equally as well, but the cars require the flying adjective to work. replace ultrasonic with subsonic or sonic and invincible with unbeatable or indestructible for challenge levels.

2. create a ridable dot to escape from any confined spaces (the last level, for example). then do whatever is needed to get the starite. can only use once on challenge levels.

try it out