Super Scribblenauts Passwords

5th Cell Developers!
The 5th Cell developers created this game, and their names also count as words! Each one has a different appearance and personality. Enter 3 to get a merit! Just enter these words into Maxwell's Notebook! Enjoy!
PasswordWhat it does
JEREMIAH SLACZKACreates the creator of the game, a thin, spiky-haired man wearing a red jacket. Likes dancing.
MARIUS FAHLBUSCHCreates an unshaven man, wearing a green jumper.
SEAN WISSLERCreates a friendly blue slime, who is invincible.
BRIAN FIRFERCreates a jumpy man holding a spanner. Does lots of jumping and makes objects he comes into contact with friendly.
EDISON YANCreates a T-Rex wearing a headband that will attack anything.
BRETT CAIRDCreates a man wearing a black coat.
DAVID FRANCOCreates a secret-agent style man that wears dark shades.
CALEB ARSENEAUXCreates a man wearing specs, and holding a mobile phone.
DAVID DEVATYCreates a well-dressed man wearing specs and carrying a rosette.
DUSTIN FISCHERCreates a man with a moustache and green jumper.
MATTHEW GROSSCreates a man that runs around with his head tilting backwards.
CODY HASKELLMakes what is basically a normal man wearing a dark green jacket.
TOM JONESCreates a man dressed in all black,
GENE SIEWCreates a middle-aged man wearing a red coat.
CHUCK SKODACreates an unnshaven man wearing denim jeans and a jacket.
JUSTIN CHAMBERSCreates a man who is exactly the same as Chuck Skoda, (see above) but has more hair.
SHANA GITNICKCreates a woman with long brown hair.
JOHN WAUGHCreates an angry looking man who is very curious.
IAN GOODMakes a man, who upon being placed, turns into a 'WIZARDLY Ian Good' and starts flying, also bearing a magic wand and wizard hat.
ROBERT HUNTCreates a mean-looking man carrying a bottle. He throws orange juice.
NIKOLAY ALEKSIEVCreates a man wearing a plain white T-shirt.
ZACH BROWNCreates a man with short hair and a suit.
HEIDI GAERTNERCreates a man (or woman- hard to tell) wearing sunglasses, a bicycle helmet and protective gear.
MATT PELLICANECreates a man with Elvis-style hair and specs.
COLE PHILLIPSCreates a soldier with spiky hair and a sniper rifle. Friendly unless attacked.
JOSHUA BALVINCreates a small man that spreads Baby Unicorns and rainbows wherever he goes.
LIZ ENGLANDCreates a female pirate wearing a bandana and eyepatch. If she touches another object it becomes PIRATIC, and weids a scimitar and pirate hat.
BRANDON GODFREYCreates a man who stumble when he walks.
BAILEY HALLCreates a man in a hot-dog outfit.
JEFF LUKECreates a man in black who runs around the place.
GARY SIMMONSCreates a robot wearing a suit and green trousers.
AKIO SEGAWACreates a dwarf in read samurai armour, holding a gigantic longsword.
ALAN DIEKFUSSCreates a man wearing informal clothing.
NATHAN HERNANDEZCreates a short man in a black-and-white superhero outfit, who runs around.
CHERN FAICreates a man (or woman) wearing a paper bag over their face.
JIMMY LYCreates a bunny wearing headphones.
BORJ A RUIZCreates a man wearing glasses.
THINH PHAMCreates a man with a superhero cape.
BRITTANY AUBERTCreates a long-haired woman dressed in brown.
VICTOR CHAVESCreates a black-haired man wearing a ver formal suit.
CHRIS CASEYCreates a man wearing an orange T-shirt.
KAORI SLACZKACreates a grey-haired woman wearing a red tracksuit.
ANGELA SEGAWACreates a woman wearing a blue dress.
ERICA SABATELLOCreates a brown-haired woman wearing an orange jumper.