Scrapland (Xbox) Cheats

Scrapland cheats, and Codes for Xbox.


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Type in the bolded words in the cheat menu to unlock the following description.

One Million - Gives you 1 millions Scraps
50 Lifes - Grants you 50 lifes
Complete - Crazy Deal Completes all current Crazy Bets, unlocking next Super Crazy Bet
God Mode!
Type God Mode in the cheat menu this will unlock Infinite health and energy. Also receives full weaponry, infinite ammo and infinite boost for ship.

However be aware that upon a new loading area you will have to re-input this cheat!
Limited Cheats
Easy Alarm - Alarm level reduces almost instantly when out of sight
Dumb Enemies - Enemies will not fire upon you

Input those cheats in the cheat menu, please keep in mind that they must be re-input in every new loading areas, deeming them "limited"
Open the Cheat Menu
After doing the "Talk to the Archbishop" mission, insert a controller into port 4 and press start. Highlight Options, click and hold the Left stick and press A, upon doing this the Cheat Menu will open!