Scarface review
life after tony is boring as hell

The good:

Fun shooting and dismemberments
Tony's one liners
Graphics are meh

The bad:

You cant kill random people
Missions are just STUPID
Virtually no storyline
Cops show up every 2 seconds
Gang heat and cop heat


"Gee guys, youngsters sure do like this here Vice City....hey! I've got an idea. Let's make a rip off of it but this time your Tony Montana and let's curb stomp everything that made the other game fun!!" Well the game is definitely not as bad as I said above but still it's not anywhere near GTA.

First off the game has virtually no story. It starts off in Tony's mansion as Sosa is invading. As Tony you blow the crap out of Sosa's men and run to your car. The game tells the story of how it would have been had Tony lived....or at least it TRIES. The missions are basically this: you go to a store, business etc. "hey Meng, hows bout you sell me your store and come work for me now" "Yeah but first you have to do a favour for me" the fact that most of the dialogue is that and Tony's one liners are disheartening....

Here's the other cons...you cant kill ANY civilians AT ALL. No I don't mean if you do you're killed immediately I mean you just CAN'T, even if you aim at the person and press the button he just says some crap about how he can't do it...I'm not any crazy guy that just wants violence but I'm just saying what's the point of making a sand box action crime game if you cant kill nobody?

Also cop chases are near god damn impossible if you just happen to be going too fast and bump a car the cops are aware of you via a meter around the "radar" that shows their "awareness" but it doesn't end there. If you leave a weapon out cops go crazy and when the big message says "lose the cops" appears then you're screwed if you don't get out of the "search area" marked by red areas in the map then the message "you're screwed!" appears, the screen goes kind of blurry and the swat team rips you to shreds. I highly doubt that for bumping into a few fire hydrants the cops will stop at nothing to get you then send in the swat and they have "strip wires" which are EXTREMELY annoying. I'm not saying realism is bad but I think it's stupid to trade fun for realism. Also another major flaw when in a gang war if you kill a few people suddenly the cops show up. I know that's how it happens in real life but its a god damn game and the parts where it's actually fun you have to be running the hell away from cops every 3 seconds!

There's also the "heat" if you do anything against gangs a meter will start filling, depending on what you do it increases more for example killing a drug dealer gets you in a load of trouble and after that meter fills completely you have about 5 seconds to take cover or run for your life before a gang comes and tears you to shreds. It's really ridiculous that out of nowhere they appear and if you're driving they blow your car up randomly! Now cop heat is also quite annoying, killing a cop obviously gains a lot of cop heat but this time you don't get mauled they simply take about half a million or so dollars out of your account, annoying isn't it?

Now as for "deals" and "intimidation" when you're going to make a deal especially late in the game with large suppliers and island suppliers you have to be careful because when you go up to them you have to wait till the meter reaches a certain point and press circle. If you screw up they either kill you or you get a crappy deal. Now when a cop is following you and you get out of the car he walks up to you and the same meter appears but this time if you screw up then he takes ALL your "dirty" cash and drugs and you lose points off your "balls" meter, but if you get it right you can move on. Now as for dirty cash that's the money you have with you, currently money from drug deals and gang wars, this money gets taken away if you get arrested or die you can only keep it if you leave it at a bank.

Now for the good parts. First off the "balls" meter is a meter that fills as you do "stunts", kill gang members etc. Once it fills you can hold circle to make Tony go into a furious rage [in first person mode]. He's invincible, cops wont look for you and you gain health per kill. It's quite fun. Now for dismemberments when you are shooting at people there's a box and a circle you can move that circle to see where your gonna shoot such as left nut right kidney etc. You can also call your driver. You can switch to other characters such as the driver enforcer and assassin the enforcer can take a lot of damage and survives WAY longer than Tony. When the swat team comes the driver dies fast but has OK weapons now the assassin is just crap she only has a sniper and a silenced pistol as these characters you can kill civilians but that doesn't matter since cops will come in a few minutes. You can also order cars furniture for your mansion you can meet girls but that's way below useless.

Overall scarface is an ok game even with MAJOR flaws some people may be able to tolerate it. Is it better than Grand Theft Auto? Hell no. Is it a must for Scarface fans? Yep.

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kartman91 Oct 4, 09
i might consider buying it now thanks dmonic sword
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