Scaler: The Shape Shifting Chameleon (Xbox) Cheats

Scaler: The Shape Shifting Chameleon cheats, Tips, and Codes for Xbox.


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Desollem racetrack shortcuts!
There are a few shortcuts on the Desollem level which you can use to save time!

1: When you get to the part of the track where the road on the right rises higher than the road on the left, go up it at full speed and jump near the edge of the cliff. If you timed it correctly and got enough speed, you should land in the mouth of the secret tunnel. roll down it and use your spikes to smash the window that blocks your route.

2: If you missed that one, then this one will help! after the jump over the small hole, stick to the left side of the track and go up the small ramp. go straight ahead, and if you are lucky, you should land near the tunnel entrance, having cut off a small portion of the track!

3: when you near the end of the mushroom filled tunnel, stick to the right side of the track. You should see a window. Smash it with your spikes to go through it. Either hug the left or right side of the walls, or take the riskier middle path. this will take you past the second set of big windows.


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Full health: R L R L Y Y X X R X
200,000 klokkies: L L R R Y X Y
Infinate electric bombs: R R L L Y Y X