SBK 2011 (Xbox 360) Cheats

SBK 2011 cheats, Achievements, and Codes for Xbox 360.


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Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore. The numbers between the () is the points given for each achievement.
AchievementHow to unlock
Leap forward (15)Join a Supersport class team in Career Mode.
Top class racing (20)Join a Superbike class team in Career Mode.
Online Pole Position (20)Obtain the best time in an Online Qualifying session.
My teammate is my boss (10)Join Harms Benjan Racing in Career Mode.
Test rider (5)Successfully upgrade your bike in Career Mode.
Burning like fire (15)Win a Race Weekend dressing your rider with the Flaming Head helmet.
Professional racer (15)Win a single player Quick Race with the opponent at Professional skill level.
Real race rider (20)Win a single player Quick Race with the opponent at Real skill level.
You win! (10)Win a Quick Race.
Legendary (20)Unlock all locked riders.
14 weren't enough (10)Unlock all locked tracks.
You've Come a Long Way, Baby (20)Race for 750 Km (466.03 mi) online.
Ready for La Dolce Vita (15)Complete Challenge 7 of the second level of the SBK®Tour.
Let's move north (20)Complete Challenge 8 of the third level of the SBK®Tour.
Intercontinental flights (25)Complete Challenge 9 of the fourth level of the SBK®Tour.
Around the World (5)Complete the first challenge of the SBK®Tour.
Newborn (5)Create your first custom rider.
I want to travel south this year (10)Complete Challenge 6 of the first level of the SBK®Tour.
Halfway through the storm (20)Storm 25 SBK®Tour challenges.
Say "Cheeeese" (10)Save your first picture in Photo Mode.
Me against the world (15)Win your first Online Quick Race.
Qualified for the world tour (30)Complete Challenge 10 of the fifth level of the SBK®Tour.
Riders on the Storm (10)Storm one challenge of the SBK®Tour.
Haunted house (10)Download an SBK®2011 Online ghost.
Great work guys! (10)Fully upgrade a bike in Career Mode.
Phileas Fogg was a newbie (40)Complete the last challenge of the SBK®Tour.
World Champion (40)Win a Championship in single player Championship or Career Mode.
The Hurricane (60)Storm all SBK®Tour challenges.
A cup of tea (60)Unlock all the Showcase trophies in Career Mode.
Retirement House (60)Finish Career Mode.
Living Legend (40)Reach 1500 reputation points in Career Mode.
Online Champion (40)Win your first Online Championship.
Superstar (25)Reach 1000 reputation points.
Slowly Drying (20)Win a Wet single player Quick Race of 100% length.
Hat trick (50)Win at least one championship for every class in the same Career.
Rising Star (10)Reach 100 reputation points.
National Idol (15)Reach 200 reputation points.
Famous Rider (20)Reach 500 reputation points.
This is how you play this game (10)Win a Race Weekend at Full Simulation.
Sit back and relax (5)Use Replay for the first time.
On my way to the top (15)Win a race in an Online Championship.
The Gentle Art of Making Enemies (10)Beat the Special Opponent in Career Mode for the first time.
Save now, ride later (5)Save a bike setting.
May I ask you a question? (5)Use the technical meeting for the first time.
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