Saw review
Get ready to face Jigsaw's haunted Asylum!

The good:

Very Scary environments.
Great Sound effects.
Good graphics.
Awesome puzzles.

The bad:

Combat could have been better.
Rooms may seem same after a while.
More variety of puzzles would have been good.


SAW(The game)...

The game's name doesn't explain anything but the fact that it's based on the famous horror movie
series SAW, that's why I am gonna review this game.Also note that, this is an unbiased & spoiler-free
review of the PS3 game - 'SAW'.SAW is a horror, puzzle, action-adventure PS3 game. This game is also available for Xbox360 and PC. Though, PS3 version of SAW have lot less loading times & clearer graphics.Other than that, every version plays in the same way.
A great game overall, of which I will give in-depth review of.And will help you in making a right decision about this game.

  • Jigsaw's games are only for mature players (18+) :
This game contains strong blood and gore, intense violence, Drug reference (Yeah, drug injections etc.), strong language and Occassionally the enemies use swear words while battling. A great game for mature players. So, parents can play this game themselves but it is not recommended for children under 18.
  • Story:
I did not watched any SAW movies, the game don't force you to do so.But only loss you'll get is that when you meet some movie characters that are in this game, you'll not recognise them.Other than that, the game explains everything that is happening around you or happened before. Despite being inspired by the SAW series, this game is not slave to the movies thanks to the fact that it's filling the part between the SAW 2 and SAW 3.So, story is innovative and is truly original. It don't tries to copy other game's stories or their formula of story telling.
The story is not actually 'narrated' by anyone, but as you go through the asylum, Jigsaw gives you warnings, hints, explains who will be your next 'victim' to save and all this feels like he is helping
you but actually he is there to add scariness and the element of 'SAW' movies. I personally liked
the character Jigsaw Killer.Detective Tapp is also a good protagonist. In short, the whole game is
a big treat for horror or SAW movie fans.Casual gamers will find the story interesting too.
I was not a SAW series fan but this game made me one!

Something about story-

Set between the movies- SAW 2 and SAW3, you play as Detective Tapp. As the Jigsaw's victims
number rose, the Tapp knew that it's upto him to catch the Jigsaw Killer.So, Tapp enters the
abandoned asylum where the Jigsaw Killer is hiding. Tap don't know that Jigsaw Killler have
trapped him and now he must not only find the truth about the Jigsaw Killer but also, must
escape from the insane asylum that is full of vicious and brutal traps, tortured souls, booby traps
and horrific dark secrets.
What drives this insane killer to games? Who is the Jigsaw Killer?
These are the questions that are troubling Tapp but the important question is.......
Can he survive Jigsaw's game?
  • Multiple endings:
Yes, this game has multiple endings depending on your choices.But your last level choices are only
counted.It's a great effort by the developers to add the element of moral choices and making it
look more realistic by the story and the outcome of your actions.
  • Gameplay:
  • HUD:
The HUD contains big Health bar, Your currently equipped weapon's icon and your currently
equipped trap's icon. The health is big enough to keep you alive after three or so enemy melee
attacks, you'll need to find health injectors to replenish your health.Your enemies have a health bar too and that is showed on their head.That helps a lot and thus makes this game different and
more helpful than Silent Hill or Resident Evil.

  • Puzzles:
There are types of puzzles in this game. And they get harder and harder as you progress through
the asylum.The puzzles include- Lockpicking, Gear puzzles, Fuse boxes, Join the Pipe puzzles etc.
and many more!
It would have been great if the game offered more different kind of puzzles. Because you'll find
only these few puzzles looping around you but their only difficulty changes.It's still challenging,
though. And sometimes, the game throws all of these puzzles at you at the same time! And you
have to complete them in a limited period of time.Also, the best and unique aspect of this game's
puzzle system is that each time you face the puzzle that you've already completed in a previous
playthrough, have different pattern each time! Even if you die while solving a puzzle, and you go
back to that checkpoint, the puzzle is totally different in pattern! That's great and never makes
puzzles repetitive.
All this makes these puzzles really challenging and thus, you'll ignore that they are the same type
of puzzles you faced before!
  • Use the environment against your enemies:
This whole asylum is a huge puzzle and is filled with booby traps and shotgun doors. Even walking
is not safe in this asylum! But if you play carefully, you can uninstall them and then you can use
them against your enemies too!
For example - You've entered a door and 2 enemies are after you. Then you can install a fuse in a
fuse box and can kill them by giving them shock or you can install a tripwire in the door's frame
and when the enemies will touch the tripwire, boom! They die!
There is lot's of joyous experiments to be done and you can kill a enemy in more than one way.
That's a great feature and the kills are highly entertaining and brutally satisfying!

  • Special 'boss' puzzles:
As being a movie based video game, how can this game be without the main star attractions like
the people of the movie SAW itself? At the end of each 'area' of the asylum, you will be
confronted by a puzzle where the characters from the SAW movies are trapped and you must free
them in certain amount of time and in special conditions.These puzzles are very very different from the normal puzzles you will be facing when you are exploring the asylum. They look hard but are actually straightforward and are mostly based on the traditional puzzles we used to play in
childhood like- match the pairs of the pictures, join the pipes etc. Sometimes these are just a big,
long chain of the 'normal' puzzles you face in the asylum.
You free the characters after cracking the puzzles and you move on to the next area of the asylum.
  • Combat System:
SAW concentrates on brutal /slasher horror by adding tons of brutal puzzles -not zombies,
Resident evil fans!-, still this game has combat system.
The uniqueness of the SAW is that most of the time, you really don't need to fight your enemies!
You can just use the environment against them or use your own traps that you have created!
The asylum that you are in is far from empty even if it has been abandoned. There are lot's of
tortured peoples or 'Minions' as the game calls them, existing inside the asylum. The Jigsaw Killer
has told them that you (Detective Tap) are the Key to the freedom, and that's why the will try to
kill you as soon as they see you!
The game gives us lot's of melee weapons like- Axe, Bat,Scissors,Springe etc. All of them vary in
size and the damage they deal. Although, all of them handle and feel very realistically, the large
weapons are slower but powerful and smaller weapons likes scissors are fast to use but are weak.
Many times, all the melee weapon's combat process feels rather sluggish and slow. So, mostly, you'll
get killed before you can even swing your bat once. That's why you'll stick to your weaponless
hands. And bizarrely, you can kill a minion in 8 seconds with no weapons equipped and without
taking any damage!
So, hand-to-hand is great, but giving the melee weapons a better physics system would have been
better but most of the players will kill the enemies with traps instead of combat after they got all
of their combat trophies/achievements.
The game gives you Revolver (gun) on a certain parts of the game. The gun's gameplay is very
responsive and is done quite well.The gun is obviously the most powerful and best weapon of this
game. While the gun's gameplay is great and better than melee gameplay, the ammo for the gun is
rare though. But you can preserve ammo by killing minions by hands and saving the ammo for the
stronger enemies. That's a great feature of this game.
Overall, the combat is fair despite some elements are flawed.And is easy to learn and to get hang
of it. The gun's gameplay and hand-to-hand is done really well.

  • Trap making:
The Jigsaw Killer is not the only person who can create and use the traps, you can do it too! They
are very fun to use and the game not only encourages you to you them but also, gives you the
required items so that you can make these traps frequently.
After a certain part of the game, you'll get schematics of some of the Jigsaw Killer's traps. After
this, you can use the Jigsaw's lab kit to create up to three types of traps-
1.Acid trap,
2.Explosive trap,
3.Poisonous trap.
These are a huge bottles containing the trap and you must place it in a certain area where your
enemy may go.
Strangely enough, the problem with this feature is that the game don't explain -'How to use/set
these traps'. The game don't give controls so that you can use these traps too.Many people really
don't know how to use these traps. I was very annoyed by this too, till I -accidentally- figured out
the controls.And because I love to help people, please let me tell you how you can use them-
Once you have created at least one trap, and it is showing in the HUD, use these controls to use
For PS3- Hold L2 button and press R2 button.
For Xbox360- Hold Left Trigger and press Right Trigger.
I don't know the PC controls, but you can figure them out by watching these controls and
finding resemblance in them.
  • Easy trophies:
Many people know that you'll get the 98% percent of the trophies (PS3)/ achievements (Xbox360 or
PC) very easily and in short time (about 2 weeks or less). This alone makes this game worth a rent.
While almost every trophy in the SAW is easy to get, two trophies that require you to stomp
enemies can be very hard and annoying to get thanks to the flawed combat system but with some
help, luck and blessings of the Gods, you may get them. Otherwise, the trophies/achievements are
piece of cake.
  • Other important things:
  • Scare-O-Meter:
What makes this game scary ? This game don't have zombies or monsters like Resident Evil, Silent
Hill or many other horror game series have boasted.
And if you don't know, the publisher (KONAMI) who created famous top-rated Silent Hill series
have published this game. And according to Konami, SAW series is different than Silent Hill series
because SAW concentrates on the Puzzly, Brutal and slasher horror while Silent Hill concentrates
on psychological horror.That's why both games can exist at the same time.
I am not getting biased here, but I mentioned it here because Konami have stated a fact.
Really, this game creates horror through puzzles and the outcome of them is brutal death and thus
player's mind is in a state of paranoia, urgency, panic and 'Oh no!' kind of situation. It's very scary.
Environments, sound effects, enemies, lighting effects, Jigsaw's commentary and booby traps make any part of this game scary.
Still didn't get it?
Let me give you an example-
Imagine you are locked in a room, the room is filled with bombs and toxic gas.You must find 3
batteries and then redirect the electric current so that the doors open and you can escape.
Redirect the pipes so that the toxic gas goes out and watch out for other minions. But you have
only 5 minutes to do this and after five minutes, the whole room will blow up!
There are more than hundred situations like this in this game.This is the panic and scariness that
this game creates. And the true survival horror effect without monsters or zombies!
  • Short loading times:
This game installs the game data on your PS3's HDD. And it takes 2.5 GB. But it's not all that bad.
For that 2.5 GB, all your loading times are cut very very short! All the loading times are less than 5
seconds. Now that's the benefit of installation we want to see, don't we ?!

  • Graphics:
The graphics may not impress some people who have experienced the 'best graphics' games like
'Resident Evil 5 (PS3,PC or Xbox360)', 'God Of War 3 (PS3)' or 'Metal Gear Solid 4 (PS3)' but believe
me, they are great. The graphics are photo realistic. The torch and lighter lighting effects are
realistic and always look very life like.Especially lighter's fire effect and torch's light is photo
realistic even the dust on the torch's glass is visible!
As being a SAW themed game, this game captures the movie's feel quite well. The players who have
played or at least watched the 'Silent Hill: Homecoming (PS3,Xbox360) will feel that graphics are
quite similar to Silent Hill:Homecoming. All the lighting effects, shadow effects is done really
good. The TV animation is purposefully, scary. The lights turn on and off in a way, that will make
most of the people remember the SAW and other many horror movies.
The toxic gas, cold, mist, freezer and explosion animations/effects are very realistic.
Overall, the graphics does create horror and pay homage to the SAW films.
  • Sound:

The sound effects and background score is quite well. It's scary and suits to the situations.And
most of the time, the game don't play sound and surprises you with some enemies or sudden traps!
Overall, not as awesome as 'Sillent Hill' or 'God Of War' series, still it's quite good.
SAW is not famous for the music but actually for it's brutal and vicious traps and scenes!
  • AI (Artificial Intelligence):
The main enemies are puzzles but still, there are minions in asylum too and they are tortured by the
Jigsaw Killer.So, they are mad and they rush at you when they see you.They just use brute force
and aren't very intelligent. There are different types of enemies but all of them are humans except
Jigsaw Killer's special henchman 'Pig-head'.There are no Resident Evil or Silent Hill type of
zombies in this game.Instead, there are puzzles, minions, Pig-head etc. to deal with.

  • Lessons of life:
Although, the whole SAW series tells us that Jigsaw Killer is a psychopathic killer, I found some
of his dialogues quite good and they all seem to teach us the importance of our life.
The dialogues like- "To appreciate the life, you must enjoy each breath", "Don't suicide, your life is
a precious thing" etc. Are very well written and seems that the game developers were trying to
teach the players the importance of the life.
  • Replayability:
Although, you can get all the trophies easily, the story's length is quite good.The story is not too
short and not too long but a good puzzle solver can make through the story in 1 or 2 weeks. The
game is great, and the two 'stomping' trophies will make you play this game again and again.If you
are a SAW series fan, you must buy this game and you'll be most delighted person when playing this
game.Horror fans like me, will find the environments and puzzles unique, thus it's worth playing
What makes this game re-playable to casual gamers then? - Simple. The puzzles are great and after
completing this game, if you want to play any puzzles like lock-picking, fuse box puzzles or gear
puzzles, you can start this game and experience them again!
And what's bad if you can get this game at affordable or cheap rates? So casual gamers and horror
fans should buy it if they can find it cheap somewhere otherwise rent it or borrow it. And SAW or
puzzle fans should buy it too.

  • Conclusion:
This is a great game that captures the 'feel' of the SAW movies. Anyone who is looking for a game
to kill time or those who want to get easy trophies/achievements should definitely play this game by renting or borrowing. If you are a SAW movie series fan or just love puzzle type of games, then
this game can be a good buy for you. Especially, if you buy this game at affordable prize through
on-line stores like eBay, Amazon etc.
I personally liked the character Jigsaw Killer.Detective Tapp is also a good protagonist. In short,
the whole game is a big treat for horror or SAW movie fans. I was not a SAW series fan but this
game made me one!
  • Scores:
Story length/depth: 4/5
Music: 4/5
Voice acting: 4/5
Gameplay: 3/5
Graphics: 4/5
Production Value: 4/5
On-line: N/A.
Replay Value: If you are a fan of SAW movies, Puzzle games or you'd like to play every
difficulty modes & earn every trophies/achievements , then - 4/5. If you are a casual player, then- 3/5.
  • Final Score:
On the scale of 5, this game gets: 4/5
On the scale of 10, this game gets: 7.5/10
On the scale of 100%, this game gets: 80%
On the scale of 50, this game gets: 30/50
On the grade system, this game gets: C+
  • This is an excellent game which is worth a try.Because you will not find some gameplay elements
in other games.And the puzzles and environments are remarkable. Play this game and then wait till
October 2010 and buy the SAW 2!
SAW 2 will be vastly improved in every aspect including the combat system!

Thanks for reading this review.I hope you found it useful.

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jbh Jun 21, 10
Amazing review Darsh, love it
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DarshD Jun 22, 10
Thanks, jbh. Rent SAW if you like horror games. It's great. SAW 2 is gonna be better though .
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PangTong_Blademaster Aug 21, 10
I'm not sure what to make of this review. Your scoring system is.... a bit off. 4/5 equals 80% just if you hadn't noticed. Keep it up though.
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DarshD Jul 14, 12
Fixed Your feedback has helped me to improve my rating system. Thanks!
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