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Get ready to face Jigsaw's haunted Asylum!

The good:

Very Scary environments.
Great Sound effects.
Good graphics.
Awesome puzzles.

The bad:

Combat could have been better.
Rooms may seem same after a while.
More variety of puzzles would have been good.


SAW(The game)...

The game's name doesn't explain anything but the fact that it's based on the famous horror movie
series SAW, that's why I am gonna review this game.Also note that, this is an unbiased & spoiler-free
review of the PS3 game - 'SAW'.SAW is a horror, puzzle, action-adventure PS3 game. This game is also available for Xbox360 and PC. Though, PS3 version of SAW have lot less loading times & clearer graphics.Other than that, every version plays in the same way.
A great game overall, of which I will give in-depth review of.And will help you in making a right decision about this game. ...


Good Game for Rent


In this game you will face many enemies, and puzzles, this could be a hard task. Problems will occur such as locked in a room with poisonous gas, being betrayed by people you spent your time saving, getting slammed by a baseball bat (NAILS INCLUDED!) in the face, and even wondering mindlessly around an abandon asylum with no flippin' clue which way you came in or get out, another problem, dare I say it, moving the camera around for 5 minutes to pick up your stupid revolver up you accidentally dropped. Picking things up can be as bad as in Silent Hill (The first game).

The game is challenging...


Saw: The Good, The Bad, The Bloody

The good:

-Extremely similar to the movie: A hands-on-feel to the madness.
-Game gives an ‘in movie’ presentation: The game answers questions left out from the movies.
-Great character involvement: Voices provided for the game are those of actors from the movies.
-An overall appealing environment - Who wants to play in the sunshine when you have a suicide collar attached to your neck?
-Mind-bending puzzles: Get those brain juices working, you will need them!
-Plenty of gore and death: Plenty!
-Your choices affect the lives of others: Choose wisely - will you let yourself become a murderer?

The bad:

-Redundant environment: A little easy to get lost at times mainly because much of everything looks dark, with little illumination and messy. But most abandoned buildings do therefore it is difficult to complain.
-Redundant puzzles: Picking locks can only be fun the first couple times.
-No replay value: Once you beat the game it will most likely collect dust.
-Semi-mediocre graphics: They could have been better, however, it is easy to tell it is a game from 09'.
-Horrible hand-to-hand combat: Combat mode is annoying at first to get used to and flailing a crutch or manaquen arm around to kill an enemy isn't exciting. The handling of combat mode is extremely weak.


If you’re a fan of the movie then most likely you will be a fan of the game, only a select group of people can stomach the gruesome murders shown in any of the Saw movies repeatedly. The game offers a lot of visually appealing trap kills. From getting your head blown off by a rifle set up by a door, to getting stabbed by needles constantly, or even becoming electrocuted. The list can go on and on for hours.

The game takes place between Saw I and Saw II – taking place in an abandoned asylum. You play a detective that has thrown away his life to capture Jigsaw. Along your bloody journey throug...

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