Samurai Warriors review
Good, but could be better

The good:

-New characters
-Interesting story
-Chaos mode is actually hard

The bad:

-New combo system
-Castle levels
-Missions inside missions


I found this game to be pretty good, and although there was so many great new things, some new ideas really bring it down. The story is now 1400 years later, in Feudal Japan. This is interesting seeing how they have muskets, castles, and new technology. Sadly, the musketeers fire way too fast, and the new castle levels are far too tedious. I highly doubt any sane ruler would build his castle like the way in the game. They should've just called it a maze. The new characters are nice, but there's only 15. This can be changed however, with the new Create-A-Warrior mode. You can create up to 15 CAW's. Unfortunately, you can only choose the model, so your not able to customize. Koei also implemented NPC's with unique models. While that's nice, we should get to play as them! All in all, this game is better than average. It looks like we'll have to wait for the new exspansion to finally get some of those things we've been wanting.

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