Samurai Warriors: Xtreme Legends Cheats

Samurai Warriors: Xtreme Legends cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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Alternate Musou Attack!
When your Musou meter is full, press Circle to begin the attack. Then release Circle and press Square rapidly. Your character will stop their regular Musou attack and hit the enemies with stronger versions of their charge attacks. This is especially useful with characters such as Nobunaga, that have erratic Musou attacks that only work against large groups.
Book of Healing
Play Ina's Osaka Summer Campain and go directly to Kazumasu Takigawa and defeat him.Make sure you have the legendary Matsukaze(fastest horse).Then go directly to the east side of your main camp.Thats where Kunoichi will show up after you kill Kazumasu.Get to her before she gets on the ninja path and defeat her.The supply unit will show up at the east gate in the mid section of the level.
False Lucky Character
Some people say that if your character has the green cursor, then you can get their Lv 5 and 6 weapons one difficulty below the supposed. Well thats not true if you have the U.S version. it was taken out and left in the Japanese version. So if you are still trying to do this dont waste your time.
Golden Rune
To get the golden rune you need to collect 50,000 gold and buy it at the item menu after you complet the gold rush.
Green Cursors of Luck
A green cursor around your character at the character select screen indicates that specific character is a "lucky" character. These characters can receive there fifth and sixth level weapons one difficulty below the supposed setting. Note: Every time the game is turned off and restarted, the cursor will randomly change to another character.
Hanzo Hattori's 5th weapon
Play Hanzo's "Battle of Mikatagahara" and complete the missions when you have to kill Nobushige Oyamada and Protect the Crane formation. Its best if you lower the calvary's health to low before you go to Nobushige Oyamada, that way when the Crane formation mission comes up you wont have trouble defending it. The head up to the north where Yukimra Sanada is and defeat him. Dont waste your time on Kunoichi. After that the supply capatain will appear by the south-east gate and will be heading for the gate north from there. Defeat the supply captain for the weapon.
How to be LuBu
If you have GameShark or Action Reply go to and you will see PlayStation2 Max Drive Save (North America. Right under that it says you can be LuBu. Save it to the GameShark or Action Reply disk and your done. To be honest I'm not sure if it will work I just foud the game save.
Kage Scroll
In Yoshimoto's Battle at Honnouji (Lower Path) complete the mission when you have to defeat all of Kenshin's officers and then do the mission when you have to defeat Nobunaga Oda.You don't have to waste your time with Keiji Maeda and Masumune Date.After you killed Nobunaga you have to get into a deadlock with Kenshin and win.The supply unit will appear in the east side of the castle.
Ranmaru's 5th weapon
Play Ranmaru's Battle of Honnouji and complete the missions when you have to keep the enemy from entering the south gate and thwart the enemies fire attack.
Ranmaru's 6th weapon
Some people have a lot of trouble getting his 6th weapon. Actually its pretty easy if your stats are high. Play "Battle of Anegawa" and complete all missions up to where you have to kill Iyeasu Tokugawa. After killing him the supply team will show up. You must let all your ally officers live through this whole process so saving might be a necesity when doing this.
Secret of the 5 Element Books
When you equip all 5 of the element books you will be able to use an instant death attack when you do a charge attack.Its only useful on minor enemies, especially when you are playing on chaos mode.
Shield Wall
In Tadakatsu Honda's Battle of Komate-Nagakute complet every mission you are given and then defeat the supply unit.
The 5 Element Books
Go to survival mode and choose the Deep Abyss.Then get to the 30th floor(every 6 floors you get a new book).
War Baton
Play any versus mode option at least 36 times.


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Ninja Suit
To get the Ninja suit play in Hashiba Hideyoshi's stage Siege at Azuchi Castle, during the third floor of the castle part, defeat the 5 'wrong general' before defeating the real one. they apper random each time.