Samurai Champloo: Sidetracked Cheats

Samurai Champloo: Sidetracked cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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Getting weapons through tate mode
By getting 100 kills in tate mode, you can make the following weapons available for purchase.
(there may be more than are listed here, but these are all I have)

Unlockable How to Unlock
Firebird for Jin 2nd time
New artwork Fail to reach 100 kills in tate mode
New Weapon for Mugen 1st time
New weapon for Mugen 4th time
New weapon for Worso 3rd time
How to beat the lady demon master of the castle.
Maybe she was too fast for you but it the start, just start attacking before she attacks actually it doesn't matter if she attacks first just dodge it or block it using L1 Button to block. Now that's the point, you should block her attacks. But, she has a techinque where he summons a wave on the floor and that's what you shouldn't block. You should dodge it or move immediatly. And when you block the techinique, it would be painful. Anyways, try making the pattern of block and dodge and you'll know it. To dodge just press circle (O) to dodge it faster.
How to get secret character
To get the secret character you have to beat the game with either Jin or Mugen.
Mission 3 with Mugen
Lots of people have been having problems with this mission because at the end of the sewer, there's a square thats glows red that when you approach it, the game tells you to push the X button, most people do this and nothing happens, Mugen just jumps normally, what players are soppossed to do is to jump using the X button and press it again when Mugen is in the air above this glowing rectangle, when you get the correct timing you'll be able to get to the upper floor and continue the mission.
More Money
What I did to get more money was when you are on the road run around and clear out every place there don't leave any monster alive. They drop good money that you will need for later in the castle.


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Deathmatch mode
To unlock deathmatch mode, player 1 against player 2, beat the game once.
To get Worso, the Secret Character.
To get Worso, try beating or finishing the game either using Jin or Mugen to finish the game. When it'll not come out there's really a problem with a game.