Sam & Max Episode 102: Situation: Comedy FAQ/Walkthrough v1.00
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: : : : Sam & Max Episode 102: Situation: Comedy FAQ/Walkthrough

Sam & Max Episode 102: Situation: Comedy FAQ/Walkthrough

by selmiak   Updated to v1.00 on
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                                 -Episode 2-


                                 Version 1.00
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 Content                  ..:::::::::::::::::::..
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                 .:::       /  \                      :::.
             ____:::_______/    \________/\____________:::____    
            / ___:::___________________________________:::___ \______    
           / /   :::                                   :::   \       \ 
           \ \   :::   .Content ............. [.01.]   :::   / ______/
            \ \  :::   .Controls ............ [.02.]   :::  / /    ||
            / /  :::   .Characters .......... [.03.]   :::  \ \    :: 
           / /   :::   .Walkthrough ......... [.04.]   :::   \ \  _||_
          /  \   :::   .funny stuff ......... [.05.]   :::   /  \ \  /
          \  /  .:::   .History ............. [.06.]   :::.  \  /  \/
           \ \  :::'   .legal stuff ......... [.07.]   ':::  / /   
            \ \.:::    .thanx ............... [.08.]    :::./ / 
             .:::'______      _______________    ________':::.
           .:::'        \    /               \  /          ':::.
      ...::::'           \  /      _/\_       \/             '::::... 
                          \/       )/.(
Use  Ctrl+F  in your browser and enter the code with dot and bracket to quickly
jump to the desired chapter.


The new Sam n Max adventures are controled very intuitive, even better than the
old adventures.  You can compare  the controls to  Beneath a Steel  Sky or some
freeware AGS games (by Ben304 for example). You just click on an object and Sam
(or Max) do what the  think fits the best  to do now. So you  don't have to get
grey hair for finding out which  verb to use with which  object. The difficulty
level goes down a bit but gameplay fun increses by a lot.

If you want to walk to some place just click there and you will walk there.

Your inventory is in the lower left of the screen. All items you collected move
into the box there. Click on the box and  your items are spread over the screen
waiting for you to pick them up and use them wisely.

Click on a dialoge line to make Sam (or Max) say this line (or not).

That's it for the controls, that's easy, isn't it?



Sam is the dog and the rather  cool guy of the two freelance  policiers. But he
always has a punchline ready  and the head of the troup  around the dog and the
rabbit, he is the good nose  so to say. When he is too  annoyed by Max he likes
to abuse him as a living punching ball or as a tool to solve riddles. 


Max is the psychopathic, close  to psychoactive rabbit  that is always at Sam's
side. Max developed  an unhealthy  addiction  to coffee  and is getting  really
hyperactive  from  that. Besides  this  he wants  to kill,  injure  or blow  up
everything that finds its way into his furry  fingers. So he is the perfect man
for the freelance police and always has a sadistic comment on his lips.


Myra Stump has a really huge hairstyle and is the host of a talkshow and got 
slightly mad. So she decided to kidnap her whole audience and keep them 
hostage. Or is there more to it? Sam and Max have to find out about all this 
and save Myra's brainwashed audience. 

                              -=The Director=-

She is always annoyed and busy jumping from one set to the other and she is 
always so close to the audience. She knows exactly what she wants and turns 
shit into gold. That's how things work in the TV business. 

                          -=Soda Poppers Allstars=-

The Soda Poppers are aging and then again not aging child stars from Sam and 
Maxes childhood. They had their own TV show and now they appear in this 
adventure again for Sam n Max. They are three child starts and their names are 
Specs, Whizzer and Peepers.

                                -=Hugh Bliss=-

Hugh Bliss is a strange being. With his high pitched voice he wants to sell you 
a book about prismalogy and make your brain melt with stupid magic tricks. But 
as long as you sell him as an alien it all works out. And the worst thing is he 
is also the host of the millionair show and you have to trick him to win the 

                              -=Sybil Pandemic=-

After giving up on psychology Sybil specialized in supernatural phenomenons and 
wants to publish a newspaper with and for aliens. 


Bosco is still making great inventions and tries the irish style this time. You 
get the newest inventions from VoscoTec from him. 


This solution describes the fastest and opimal way through the game, but if you
don't play around  a bit on  your own the  whole game is  for nada because  you
will find all the funny situations and absurd dialoges Sam n Max are famous for
only by trying and playing the game. So  play it on your own and only look here
if you are really stuck!

So, let's start with the solution:

After the really cool intro you will find Sam and Max while performing a really 
interesting leisure activity in their office. But sadly Sam is interrupted from 
shooting because the phone is ringing. After this already know intoduction we 
are right in the action!

Myra Stump holds her audience hostage. And so it is your job to free the 
audience from Myras wicked influence. This seems very easy, so let's get things 
rolling. So leave the office and don't drive to the TV studiuo at once but 
enter Boscos shop.
You can have some small talk with Bosco and then you better buy the shaving 
foam. But the mean skin bodies are faster and grab the last can of shaving foam 
right before you can get it. So what do we do now? Yes, let's start a crazy 
carchase like in the old TV series. So grab your Desoto and follow the criminal 

Get out Sam's gun and shoot on the rats. If you hit them on one side they drive 
a little to the opposite side. So if you want them to drive to the left you 
have to hit them on the right side and vice versa. So position them on the 
median strip and then time your shooting so that they change the lane once a 
construction site is coming along the way. If you did it right you now have a 
can of shaving foam for free in your inventory.

Armed like this you can finally drive to the TV Studio where Myra is haunting 
her audience. 


And here we start talking to the girl with the headset standing around here. 
Ask her, what she is doing here and she tells you, that she is the director and 
is searching for stars. So you offer your talents for her at once.

So the starsearching hysterical woman wants to see rabies from Sam. So why not 
use the shaving foam you just got from the rats (you rat) on your mouth. The 
director lady is pleased with your performance. Next up is Max. She wants to 
see Max cry on command. But Max is the psycopath and makes other people cry, so 
you have to help him. Shoot a whole load of tear gas from the tear gas launcher 
from the previous episode into his face and he will start crying in no time and 
the director lady is pleased again.

So you can enter the studio now but you are trapped with the Midtown Cowboys 

          -=Midtown Cowboys=-

Now you are right in the middle of the new and actually already classic TV 
series Midtown Cowboys and you must show your talent for situation comedy. The 
situation is that your houseowner is in front of the door and you have a cow in 
your room. I hate it when this happens, so you don't want your houseowner to 
see the cow. So grab the lampshade and put it on the cow. Perfect stealthy cow.
The houseowner is a bit smaller than expected and he enter the stage and want 
to know who your guest is. Tell him it's the chef. Now the houseowner is 
hungry. So grab the plate from the table and put it under the cowpie behind the 
cow and offer it to the chicken. When he asks what it is lie to him and tell 
him it's Moo Goo Gai Pan and it's a thai-french cuisine thing. He believes you 
and eats it. So he will need a good toothpaste now and this is Max's punchline. 
Once he said it the first episode of Midtown Cowboys is finished and history. 

          -=On the way to Myra=-

Now enter the cooking studio. This is the rightmost door. Here we enter cooking 
without looking after you used one of the many cooking items. If you are asked 
what you want to cook say you want to bake a cake. Now you can mix a lot of 
different ingrediences and bake a cake and it really doesn't matter what you 
use. Just grab your cake, leave the studio and find the director again.
Here the crazy people from TV already built a completely new set and search for 
someone who thinks he can sing to make fun of him in front of the camera.
Max enters the jury and Peepers sings. After he is done with singing steal his 
papers where his lyrics are written on. The lyric are so brainless, everyone 
can remember this.

Now we enter the gameshow 'Who's never going to be a millionaire'. You will 
find it next to the door to the cooking show.
Here Hugh Bliss is waiting for us and talking a lot of bullcrap with his tiny 
voice. Just tell he you want to see a magic trick and you want him to turn 
grenn. After he did this take a picture as proof. What a lucky coincidence he 
already prepared all stuff for this.

Now enter the gameplay area to start the game. You first have to lose badly 
before you can start to pwn. So answer his specific question as you want and 
lose. Hugh Bliss beams himself up and away and you can exchange his quiz cards 
with the lyrics you just stole from Peepers. If you now start the game again 
you are asked a question you probably know the answer to and are a millionaire 
already. Sadly you only own a million of food stamps.

Now head back to the office of Sam n Max and enter Bosco's shop. Tell him you 
want to buy something. Give him the millions of food stamps and demand the 
voice modulator for it. After you made the cake pretty with a lot of ketchup we 
can leave Bosco for now.
Back on the streets head for Sybils shop and enter. Give he the picture with 
you and Hugh Bliss on it and she will start printing her first issue of her 
alien newspaper. And we want to read it now, so get it from the machine in 
front of Boscos's shop.
After all this we head back into the TV Studio and want to win this stupid 
singing contest and rescue Myra's audience.
Give the Cake to Whizzer and because he is a sissy he has to go pissy and is 
gone. Whizzer is the Soda Popper in the jury on the right.
Now take a deep breath from the asthma voice modulator and you now have a 
record contract. Just puzzle some ideas together and it is over now.


Now walk through the room with the cheap military memorabilia to the door where 
there is Myra written above. Myra Stump will open herself. But now you have to 
convince her that you are worthy to enter (in case you want in). But it would 
be stupid to turn around now, so close to the end.
Ask Myra if you can come in. Then ask her if you can be a guest in her show. 
Now she wants a lot of stuff from you but if you played with this nice 
walkthrough up to here you should have your record deal, your tape of a sitcom 
and your own scandalous newspaper with you in it right at hand. Welcome to the 
Now you will sit around a lot and Myra will talk a lot. Like talkshow host do. 
So use the voice modulator on Sam and then talk to Myra. Tell her you want to 
sing your song from Embarassing Idol. After you sing like Hugh Bliss with your 
high pitched voice even the glass breaks.
Now talk to her about the picture in the Times and tell her that someone else 
was involved with it. Who was it? Of course it was Betsy and the Cow. And after 
another shocking truth the game has finally reached its 


 funny stuff

Last but not least here are some of the best dialoges and other fun stuf from 
the game to read here...

- You crack me up little buddy.

- Tally Ho!



        -=Version 1.00=-
The first version. After putting the translation up on my website I also put
it into a FAQ. Only 5 Years after the first release of my german FAQ for this 
game and half a year after putting it on my website. Check out the html version 
on my homepage:

 Legal Stuff

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vely written for your personal use only.

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