[edit] Background

Imagine a future in which a secret society orchestrates a false Judgment Day in which genetic replicants of Christ and the Antichrist kill each other and the new government establishes itself as the only true heir to the will of God on Earth. Picture, if you can, a sinister dystopia in which opponents to the new world order aren't thrown in jail but connected to a virtual reality system called Hell that downloads tremendous pain and suffering directly into the "criminal's" brain. Consider a world in which there's no education for the common man, and everyone deemed cleverer than should be allowed is connected to a separate virtual reality system, called Heaven, that produces the illusion of eternal bliss. Meanwhile, both kinds of prisoners die, one screaming in pain and other with a smile on his face.

A world in which mankind is controlled by strict rules and regulations, and only those who make good slaves or contain superior genetic material are allowed to live. The former inhabit the filth of the lower parts of the cities, while the latter take their place in the well-oiled machine as policemen, soldiers, scientists or government officials. Those lucky few inhabit the luxurious upper parts of the cities or are genetically transformed into loyal servants of the government's so-called angels, who are actually the hands and feet of a law enforcement agency that exists only to maintain order and exterminate the opposition.

And imagine that in this future, a remnant of people still fight for freedom. Although they lose a little more ground each day and find no support among the general populace, they continue to alter their bodies with implants, fighting for the slim chance that their dream of undermining the new world order and spreading hope and freedom across the globe will come true.

This war was fought for 20 years without a glimmer of hope. Then, one fateful day, the rebellion managed to rescue a female scientist, Narumi Amano, from Sky Tokyo. In order to survive, Narumi used an experimental substance called Omega, which turned out to be a powerful mutagen, developed by the government, that turns her into the ultimate weapon. She joins the rebellion, eager to exact revenge on her former captors, to expose the lies of the government, to dismantle the virtual systems of Hell and Heaven, and to recapture her fading humanity.

[edit] Gameplay

Set in dark future of human race, when global power is overwhelmed by a fanatic religious Government, Salvation proposes you the mix of action and stealth, played for two main characters and number of episodic. Like in a movie, you see different aspects of the story through different people roles, moving to an imminent resolution, that opening the truce behind events that turned world the way it is.

By utilizing unique game design elements and characters abilities, player will move through seven episodes and global locations and effectiveness of his actions in missions shall determine the number of skill point he could spent between missions to upgrade its character, weapon or learn new abilities.

After finishing a single player mode, players may enter a global multiplayer conflict between three fractions fighting for world regions in numerous operations, logical for his fraction

[edit] Features

  • Genetic clashes with mechanics in ideological
    conflict between evil Regime and secret Resistance.

  • A detailed and oppressive futuristic atmosphere
    inspired by 1984, Brand New World and Us.
  • Diverse gameplay combining the best elements of
    stealth, action and role-playing in a mix of totally new featured
    mechanics like cover-stealth, unique mix of melee and range combat
    and more.
  • The set of unique mechanic and genetic abilities
    for each character.
  • Seven episodes, from Tokyo to London, combined
    into a single dramatic story.
  • 17 big, bad and cool bosses, each one requiring
    player new tactics to develop.
  • Highly cinematic gameplay and
  • Unique upgradable multifunctional weapon for each
    playable character.
  • Immersive multiplayer for up to 16 characters
    including global fight for the regions, covert operations of the
    Resistance and punishment raids of Regime.
  • Highly modified Source engine with all possible
    graphic and physics stuff inside

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Release Dates
  • North America: Q2 2009