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More than Just a GTA clone

The good:

-Visually impressive with very nice effects
-Good Voice acting and some good original songs on the sound track
-A gripping storyline full of interesting characters
-Good reply value

The bad:

-Some glitchy graphic effects now and then and occasional crashes
-Lots of pop in graphics


This game was quite a surprise for me, it looked on the surface like a GTA clone that I felt wouldn't be as well executed, but once I started playing the game I realised it was much more and added fun original elements to the formula. THQ definitely deserve credit for this game especially considering it is the first of this kind they have designed yet stands up well to Rockstars GTA series. From the pleasing visuals to the enjoyable storyline it really had me hooked for quite sometime.

Game play
The game play is the most important aspect of any game and in this respect Saints row does not dis...


Fan of the GTA series? Get this game!

The good:

  • Graphics
  • Sound
  • Longevity
  • Storyline

    The bad:

  • Framerate problems


    If you took Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and made it 10x better, this would be the result.

    The Good

  • Graphics:

    The graphics are fantastic; Character movements are fluid, light reflects off cars and there's plenty of neat explosion effects. The character models are well-defined, and actually look solid; it's hard not to imagine working organs under the skins. Each character has his own unique hair style, facial expression and clothes.

    The explosion effects are truly magnificent; You'll spend hours blowing up cars just to see what happens.

  • Sound:

    The radio stations offer some nice rap music, and...
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